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I think people should be more thankful for the world around them because it would help people not to litter. The only reason I would ever want to get into power or become a mayor is to help people and to tell them not to litter. I would remind them to take care of the earth around them. This world isn’t a garbage can, so we shouldn’t treat it like one.

Humans can do a good job making places beautiful, and some places should be crafted by our hands. That does not mean we have to destroy all the others. Sometimes people take down forests and destroy the beauty of the earth to build cities and make money. Money is a tool, a tool people can use to get to happiness quickly. But why waste their time trying to get into a phase of happiness in life when all they have to do is take a walk or write a letter or go camping with their family. Why waste all of that valuable time working to get a small piece of green paper? That’s why I think people should be more thankful for the time they have with family and for the time they have to take good care of their earth.

If someone litters, then our world will not to be a lovely place to live in. I bet people wouldn’t litter as much if they thought of the earth as a gift from god. People would see how much more they should be thankful for it, then they probably wouldn’t litter as much as they do. I bet if everyone worked together to stop littering, then the world would be a better place for new babies and small children. It would teach them that the world is a wonderful place to be in and that they should be very thankful for it. Nobody deserves to be born into a bad polluted world and so it’s very sad when people are. You have to take action and fix things to make the world a better place for future generations!

Lauren Smith


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