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To the editor,

Congratulations to Joe Biden and associates on implementation of the New Green Deal. The price of fuel has gone up 50 cents plus, per gallon, in the last months - their plan is working well 

Recently we went on a road trip to Glacier National Park. We traveled through four states, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Montana - a distance of 1,851 miles.

Every highway that we traveled on was in very good condition and all of the roads were constructed with asphalt, a product of fossil fuels. There were workers on the roads making them very accessible.

The only impediments we faced were the fossil fuel trucks delivering food, goods and toilet paper to the cities. 

When we stopped at eating establishments the common theme was "help wanted," "now hiring." When it pays more to be on the government dole, than to work, some don't want to. 

When traveling through the mountains of Glacier Park, it was very evident that the use of fossil fuels and the hard work of many people made it possible for us to enjoy the scenery and travel through very rough country. 

It was very evident that through the efforts of many people willing to work, whether gas stations, eating places, hotels, or road care, it made it possible for us to have a safe and enjoyable trip. 

Oh and by the way, without fossil fuels, how are they going to get their Amazon shipments?

Verl Christensen


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