Local mayors put their feet where it counts, walking an average of 10,000 steps per day in October, earning for their communities $1,000 that can be used to encourage children to be active via programs or projects.

Clifton Mayor John Gailey, Dayton Mayor Melvin Beutler, Preston Mayor Mark Beckstead and Weston Mayor Greg Garner all participated in the challenge issued by Blue Cross of Idaho Foundations for Health. For the last six years, Blue Cross has used the challenge to spotlight the importance of children being physically active.

Many of the participating mayors were rewarded with bonus steps for visiting schools and walking with children and reminding them how important it is to be physically active.

In Clifton, Mayor Gailey said he may use the funds to repair the basketball court or to tune-up the community’s splash pad.

In Dayton, Mayor Melvin Beutler said his $1,000 will be put in an account towards moving the tennis courts next to West Side High School over to the elementary and make it a multi-sport court. The effort has been ongoing and pends an arrangement with the federal government because that is the origination that built the current facility.

“It needs to be moved because we’re growing and its in the wrong place. The tennis court is all cracking up. We want to move it to a better location and make a better situation,” said Mayor Beutler.

Preston’s Mayor Mark Beckstead said he hopes the funds are put towards the park and recreation department of Preston City.

Weston’s Mayor Greg Garner said he is taking suggestions on what to do for his community with the funds.

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