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The filing deadline for local elections for public office passed last week. Some offices have only one candidate, which means there will be no election held for that position.

The following have filed as candidates for local races:

Preston - two council seats held by Todd Thomas and Allyson Wadsworth will be contested by Thomas, Wadsworth, Brad Wall, Steve Coleman, Saundra Hubbard and Chris Larsen.

Weston - Greg Garner is running uncontested for another term as mayor. On the council, Morgan Purser, Alex Buttars, Tyson Schvaneveldt and Steward Bastian are running for two four-year terms on the council, currently held by Ryan Beckstead and Travis Johnson. Kent Aston and Rebecca Roberts are running for one two-year term council seat, recently held by Sarah Layland and now filled by Aston until the election.

Dayton - three people have filed to run for two four-year council seats held by Laine Telford and Anna Mae Ward Dee Virile Christensen, Brett Hyde and Reid Olsen. Melvin Beutler will run unopposed for another term as mayor.

Clifton - Lucas Mumford has filed to run again as mayor, a four year term, and Tristan L. Geddes has filed to run again as a council member, a four year term. No candidate filed for a second open position on the council.

Franklin - John Packer is the only candidate running for mayor. Mayor Todd Hawkes did not seek reelection. There are three people running for the one two-year council seat held by Tauma Noel: Erin K. Munson, Mark Drews, and Tasha Siepert. Fredrik Mark Dietrich is a write-in candidate. Three candidates are also running for the two four-year seats held by Joyce Bayles and Keith Porter: Stuart Parkinson, Lyle J. Fuller, and Tauma J. Noel. 

Oxford - Jerry K. Hatch and Zachary C. Cox have filed for two four-year term council seats currently held by Zachary Cox and Claire Hatch. Claire H. Hatch, Shantae Hartvigsen and Michael Hartvigsen have filed for two two-year term seats on the council, currently held by Cade Cox and Jerry Hatch.

Local cemetery districts also have commission seats open. The Cleaveland, Clifton, Dayton, Fairview, Franklin, Mapleton, Mink Creek, Riverdale, Trasureton, Weston and Whitney cemeteries will not have elections as their candidates are running unopposed. They are David Nielsen in Clifton, Lynn Bingham and Carol L. Beutler in Dayton, John D. Packer in Franklin, Lin McKay in Mink Creek, Dorthy Eileen Griffith in Riverdale, and Randy Moser and Aaron Winward in Whitney.

No candidates filed for four-year cemetery commissioner terms in Weston, Treasureton, Mapleton, Fairview, and Cleveland.

Elections will be held for the following candidates in their cemetery districts:

• One four-year term as a commissioner for the Preston Cemetery between Brent Christensen and Jim Christensen. Michael Hollingsworth is the only candidate for the Preston Cemetery Commission District 3.

• A $2,500 override levy is up for approval from the Thatcher Cemetery patrons.  At present, Guy W. Robbins is running unopposed for the cemetery's commissioner position.

In the Franklin County Fire District, Benny Kendall is running unopposed, for commissioner in district #3, a four year term.

No elections will held for the Preston or West Side school districts, as current trustees have remained unchallenged. Those trustees are Dax Keller and Susan Yardley in the PSD and Angela Beckstead, Solomon Nielsen and Danil Garner in the WSSD. 

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