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‘Main Street Diet’ is safer

In response to the mayor,

I have to strongly disagree with the Mayor’s assessment of the “Main Street Diet” action. The increase in safety by having only one lane and the bike path to ensure a car door is not taken off can not be measured! The only real problem is the lack of commitment to understanding the now change in rules governing the traffic flow. I myself have been temped to broad side a general motorist as well as Preston Police Officer on more than one occasion who turns right on red when the opposite vehicle has the left green arrow. The conditions of the experiment should have required the City of Preston to have an Officer stationed at the intersections where these traffic patterns were changed as informative at first and fineable after the educational period. To my knowledge this was never discussed! But I suppose that would be a bit to much to ask when general public as well as the Preston Police force is more than willing to make a U-Turn directly under a no U-turn sign. It’s fine to drive like a farmer out on the farm, but when you come to town follow the prescribed driving rules as listed in the driver’s manual.

3- In December, 2020, I along with the Preston engineer, Tyrell Simpson, and our public works director, John Balls, met with State of Idaho Highway personnel in regard to the “Main Street Diet” which was instituted in 2018. Over my short, one-year tenure, the single complaint that has continuously been conveyed to me has been the fact that the road diet is an untenable situation for our community. I informed the state highway representatives that in 2021, the required three experimental years will have been completed and I will solicit Preston City Council approval to reverse the “Main Street Diet” action.

Robert Kooren


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