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A dozen interested citizens packed Franklin City’s offices Wed., Nov. 11, to listen and ask questions during the mosquito abatement discussion. Stewart Burbank represented Franklin County and Nate Hill represented Adapco, which sells the spray used to treat mosquitoes and their larvae. Together they laid out the county abatement procedures and fielded questions from the group.

Demonstrating a live trap, they pinpointed the four Franklin locations of use: Parkinson Road by the bridge, Legacy, Maple Creek, and near Lynn Womack’s property. In addition, ponds in the area are regularly tested for the larvae.

Thresholds must be met before treatment can begin, calling for the capture of 25 to 50 mosquitoes for two consecutive nights in order for spraying to begin. The county only fogs after dusk to allow for bees to be back in their hives, and citizens can request no fogging near individual homes if there is a concern.

Hill indicated that permethrin is the active ingredient used to eradicate mosquitos, but it only amounts to about one ounce per acre in the spray, and there is no residual harm on foliage the next day. The same insecticide is used in fly sprays, flea collars, and lice shampoos.

Burbank noted that the county only sprayed in Franklin on Tuesday evenings – additionally, the city had sprayed on Thursdays and Saturdays. This year was a light year for mosquitoes, probably due to the dry weather, and concern was expressed that the additional spraying was not needed.

West Nile Virus has only been discovered on one mosquito tested in Franklin, and that was three years ago. The city has pledged to communicate more frequently with the county to coordinate test results and spraying schedules. The goal is to achieve a better balance between prevention and treatment in 2021.

CAPSA Education Coordinator, Ashley Sorenson, reviewed the upward trends in their hotline calls, shelter needs, and overall domestic abuse since COVID-19 hit. Sorenson expressed gratitude to the city for making citizens aware of these services, and offered educational and awareness plans.

City Administrator, Tami Midzinski, requested approval of $150 to submit a grant application to Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC) for $100,000 to chip seal Second East to Highway 91, and the loop from First Street to Third. In addition, the Transportation Study (Resolution 2020-11-11) needed to be approved to assist with that request. Both were approved.

The six necessary volunteers have not stepped forward to allow Franklin City to move ahead with the Fire Station. The search goes on ... anyone interested should check in at the city offices for further information.

The city did not elect to renew the contract with the Sheriff’s department for additional surveillance in 2021.

Councilman Corey Richards, along with his wife, Brooke, and son, Bryson, have moved to Logan. Mayor Hawkes will be presenting names to the council for someone to fill that vacancy until the next civic election.

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