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West Side School District trustees were advised during their February meeting, that a road on the east side of the Dayton cemetery will constructed this spring as the primary access for food deliveries to the new elementary and middle school kitchen.

During the construction process the entryway to the Elwell Gymnasium will be modified to allow entrance into the multipurpose courts/lunchroom or into the existing gym. Additionally, the sidewalks and landscape will be changed to eliminate the water that sometimes flows over the sidewalk during the early spring.

The West Side School board expressed that they felt the pandemic has largely run its course in Franklin County. So they have decided that many of the after-school activities, such as the musical, concerts, and upcoming sporting events will occur largely unchanged from any other year.

The final issue on the agenda was the 2021-2022 school year. The current plan is for is for teachers to start on Monday, Aug. 16 with students starting that Thursday, Aug. 19. This was decided on by a 66% majority of the teachers who partook in an online survey. The reason for this was to expand the Christmas break to begin on Wednesday, Dec. 22, rather than go that whole week up to Christmas Eve.

The board did discuss the implications of having the first day of school overlap with one of the last days of the Franklin County Fair and are willing to work with individual students who have animals to show or other issues.

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