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Preston Police Department

Nov. 20: Welfare check, property damage, lockout, 911 hang up, theft.

Nov. 21: Agency assist, lock out, 911 hang up, 911 hang up, suspicious vehicle, agency assist.

Nov. 22: Motorist assist, animal problem, warrant, found property, agency assist.

Nov. 23: Lock out, attempt to locate, citizen assit.

Nov. 24: Attempt to locate vehicle.

Nov. 25: Three 911 hang ups, lock out.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Department

Nov. 20: Vehicle fire, 911 hang up, prisoner transport.

Nov. 21: Citizen assist, domestic violence, attempt to locate, prisoner transport, property damage, VIN inspection, citizen assist, prisoner transport, arrest DUI.

Nov. 22: Motorist assist, two juvenile problems, theft, assist EMS, lock out, two prisoner transports, arrest dui and drug.

Nov. 23: Property damage, suspicious people.

Nov. 24: Suspicious vehicle, juvenile problem, 911 hang up, assisted ems.

Nov. 25: Two prisoner transports, VIN inspection, agency assist, 911 hang up.

Nov. 26: Horses out, lock out, cows on highway, VIN inspection, lewd conduct, prisoner transport, juvenile problem, agency assist w/ accident, theft, two suspicious incidents, arrest for DUI.

Nov. 27: Cows on hwy, two citizen assists, and motorist assist.

Court Sentences

Joshua T. Wylie, 42, Franklin, was fined $357.50, for a first offense trespassing with property damage of $$0-$1,000) — failure to depart.

Judgement was withheld against Tara Sue Harris, 46, Preston, for one count of insurance fraud. She was given one year and 100 hours of community service, three years probation and fined $3,37.37 in restitution. She was also sentenced to 120 days jail, of which 86 days were suspended and 90 are discretionary, 30 days electronic monitoring and house arrest, and required to take a finance management course.

Robert Leland Bersonnet, 31, Preston, was fined $1,985.50, sentenced to six year prison, of which three years are determinate and all of which are suspended, and 180 days jail of which 76 have been served and 104 days have been suspended, and was given 100 hours community service, and placed on five years probation, for felony possession of a controlled substance.

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