Preston Police Department

            June 26: Investigated a parking lot accident, intrusion alarm, served an arrest warrant and investigated an attempted suicide.

            June 27: Animal problem, traffic control for Life Flight, parking lot accident, terminated 911 call, traffic control for Life Flight, dog at large.

            June 28: Citizen assist, 911 hang-up, citizen assist, medical assist, assist FCSO, lock out, lock out, intrusion alarm, noise complaint.

            June 29: Suspicious incident, impound stray dog, welfare check, attempt to locate (ATL) vehicle.

            June 30: Animal problem, unattended death, citizen assist, lockout, suspicious vehicle, 911 hang-up, assist FCSO, suicide attempt.

            July 1: Lock out, medical assist, medical assist, suspicious incident, traffic control for Life Flight, traffic hazard, suspicious incident, citizen assist, retail theft, petit theft.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

            June 27: One-vehicle accident, ATL hitch hiker, EMS assist, EMS assist, lock out, VIN inspection, assist w/juvenile problem, assist ISP w/DUI, prisoner transport, citizen assist, house alarm.

            June 28: Harassment, 911 hang up, EMS assist, intrusion alarm, citizen assist, property damage, ATL reckless driver, citizen assist.

            June 29:  Citizen dispute, citizen assist, ATL vehicle, patrol request in Franklin, ATL speeding vehicle, vehicle skipped boat check station, non injury accident car vs horse buggy, citizen assist, found property, ATL illegal fireworks report.

            June 30:  DUI arrest, welfare check mental patient, accident car vs deer, lock out, lock out, lock out, report of intoxicated male, 911 hang up, assist ISP w/fatality, assist w/ suicidal male.

            July 1: Prisoner transport, animal problem, prisoner transport, prisoner transport, agency assist, ATL vehicle, traffic hazard, abandoned vehicle, fireworks.

            July 2: Agency assist, agency assist, citizen assist,  traffic control w/cattle, prisoner transport, 911 hang up, VIN inspection, citizen dispute, prisoner transport, welfare check.

            July 3: VIN inspection, 911 hang up, prisoner transport, vehicle fire, prisoner transport, agency assist, ATL vehicle, citizen dispute.

            July 4: Welfare check, citizen assist, recover stolen vehicle, lock out, citizen assist, noise problem, lock out, lock out, citizen assist, ATL vehicle, motorist assist, welfare check, 911 hang up. 

Court sentences

            Neil Lynn Cochran, 46, Brigham City, Utah, was fined $229 for violating the limitations/conditions of a special permit.