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Preston Police Department

May 26: Assisted another agency and a citizen with a mental health issue. Investigated a sex offense. Responded to an animal problem. Conducted a welfare check.

May 27: Conducted a welfare check and two VIN inspections. Attempted to locate a juvenile. Investigated a vandalism complaint. Assisted a citizen.

May 28: Assisted five citizens, two of whom were locked out. Investigated a report of harassment and another of child abuse. Conducted a VIN inspection. Responded to a report of a vehicle abandoned in the parking lot of West Motor and a gas drive off. Followed up on a 911 hang up. Attempted to locate a motorcycle. Responded to a two vehicle accident in the parking lot of Big J’s.

May 29: Assisted two other agencies, one in locating a vehicle from Cache County. Assisted an individual who was locked out of their vehicle. Cited a citizen for disturbing the peace. Investigated found property, specifically a wallet with $18 inside.

May 30: Assisted a citizen and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. Responded to two reports of animal problems and a false fire alarm. Assisted another agency with a property damage call. Conducted a welfare check after an accidental 911 call.

May 31: Investigated a report of theft. Assisted Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. Cited an individual for reckless driving and driving without privileges.

June 1: Investigated a report of rape made by someone who walked in to the police department. Followed up on an animal problem and a hold up alarm. Conducted a welfare check.

June 2: Conducted a welfare check. Made a traffic stop. Investigated a report of trespassing. Responded to a civil dispute involving custodial interference. Assisted an individual who was locked out. Conducted a welfare check.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

May 28: Arrested an individual on a probation violation. Transported one adult male from Franklin County Sheriff’s Office to the Cache County Jail. Investigated a suspicious incident. Followed up on an accidental 911 hang up. Dispatched an injured deer on Highway 36 near Milepost 130. Conducted a VIN inspection. Investigated a report of custodial interference. Assisted another agency. Served an agent’s warrant and transported the prisoner.

May 29: Arrested an individual for DUI. Assisted three citizens who were locked out, a motorist, and with a traffic hazard. Attempted to locate a cow at large. Assisted with traffic control.

May 30: Unlocked a truck. Responded to a family dispute, to a small controlled burn, and a report of cows out on US 91 near Milepost 12. Conducted traffic control. Assisted a citizen. Responded to a car versus deer accident, a 911 hang up, and a report of property damage.

May 31: Responded to a report of cows out and a to a report of aggravated battery where one female was wounded by gunfire. Transported a prisoner.

June 1: Investigated a report of a suspicious person, harassment, theft, and rape. Transported a prisoner. Assisted probation. Responded to a one vehicle rollover accident with no injuries. Conducted a VIN inspection. Attempted to locate a vehicle.

June 2: Responded to a medical issue, a juvenile problem, and an animal issue. Cited an individual for a county ordinance violation. Conducted a VIN inspection. Assisted another agency.

June 3: Conducted two VIN inspection. Responded to a report of an animal problem and an accident.

Booked into Cache County Jail

Donald Crockett, 43, on June 20, by FCSO, for a DUI.

Rosanna Pitcher, 38, on June 1, by FCSO, for probation/parole violation.

Dalton Howard, 19, on June 1, by PPD, for lewd conduct with a child. Bond set at $5,000.

Cameron Miner, 28, on May 28, by FCSO, on an agent’s warrant.

Cody Oslin, 27, on May 28, by FCSO, on an agent’s warrant.

Court Sentences

Ander Aguinar, 19, Preston, was fined $226, for disturbing the peace.

Keenan James Griffeth, 20, Preston, was fined $299.50, was sentenced to 180 days jail time, all of which was suspended, was placed on nine months probation, for possession of marijuana.

Ruth Ann Harper, 77, North Ogden, was fined $176.50, for driving without privileges.

Seth Johnson Teller, 19, Preston, was fined $191, for fishing without a license.

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