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Preston Police Department

May 6: Traffic hazard, agency assist- FCSO, accident, animal problem, missing juvenile, utility problem, terminated 911 call, medical EMS assist.

May 7: Terminated 911 call, animal problem, terminated 911 call, fire in large dumpster, lock out, hit and run accident, suspicious incident.

May 8: Dog at large, citizen assist, traffic accident, VIN inspection, traffic offense.

May 9: Vicious dog, non reportable parking lot accident, dog bite, traffic accident in parking lot, welfare check, animal problem, intrusion alarm, attempt to locate vehicle.

May 10: Medical assist, disturbing the peace, agency assist – FCSO, attempt to locate vehicle, agency assist, juvenile problem.

May 11: Citizen assist, trespassing, citizen assist, medical assist, citizen assist, citizen assist.

May 12: Citizen assist, domestic battery, medical assist, juvenile problem, juvenile problem, keep the peace.

Court Sentences

Hannah L. Greene, 18, Preston, was fined $282.50 for inattentive/careless driving.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Department

May 8: Prisoner transport, citizen assist, traffic hazard, fraud, parking problem, keep the peace, property damage, grass fire, lock out, suspicious vehicle, lock out, trespassing, dui.

May 9: Citizen assist, traffic hazard, agency assist.

May 10: Terminated 911 call, agency assist, terminated 911 call, juvenile prisoner transport, prisoner transport.

May 11: Traffic Hazard, prisoner transport, vin inspection, trespassing, motorist assist, welfare check.

May 12: Juvenile problem, domestic violence, theft, dui, child abuse, prisoner transport, terminated 911 call.

May 13: Juvenile runaway, medical, agency assist, medical, citizen assist, attempt to locate person.

May 14: Animal problem, 2 separate terminated 911 calls, grass fire, prisoner transport, terminated 911 call.

May 15: Sex offender registration.

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