Preston Police Department

Sept 18: Lost property report, juvenile tobacco problem, juvenile problem, holdup alarm, theft report, suspicious incident. Sept 19: Animal problem, vicious dog report, stray dog impounded, citizen assist.Sept 20: Animal concern, suspicious vehicle. Sept 21: Domestic dispute, animal problem, gas leak, theft of gas. Sept 22: Traffic offense, 911 hang up, alarm. Sept 23: Assist FCSO, graffiti, lock out, citizen assist, dog at large, citizen assist, ambulance assist, lock out, impounded 2 dogs. Sept 24: Barking dog, property damage, suspicious incident, assist FCSO, 911 hang up.Sept 25: Dog at large, trespassing, lock out, report of child abuse, impounded stray dog, ATL vehicle, trespassing, parking problem, intruder alarm. Sept 26: 10 vehicle burglary reports, 2 vehicle traffic accident. 911 hang up. Sept 27: Impound stray dog, hit & run traffic accident, information report, dog at large, vehicle burglary, vehicle burglary, 911 open line. Sept 28: Vehicle burglary, ambulance assist, ambulance assist, suspicious incident, lock out, traffic accident, stray dog, traffic accident, 911 hang up. Sept 29: Assist FCSO, welfare check, utility problem, 911 hang up, remove dead dog from road, panic alarm.Sept 30: 911 hang up, horse on road, suspicious incident, assist Logan City PD, traffic accident w/injuries, fire alarm, suspicious incident, 2 vehicle traffic accident, assist FCSO.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

Sept 26: Prisoner transport, 911 hang up, fraud report, animal problem, prisoner transport, accident.

Sept 27: Traffic accident, prisoner transport, keep the peace, cow on the road, cows on the road, suspicious activity, citizen assist.

Sept 28: Citizen dispute.

Sept 29: Assisted probation, prisoner transport, juvenile transport, neighbor shooting gun.

Sept 30: Keep the peace, VIN inspection, invasion alarm, juvenile problem at WSHS, prisoner report, ATL vehicle.

Oct 1: Traffic hazard, cows out on HWY, agency assist, custodial interference, citizen assist.

Oct 2: Juvenile problem at HB Lee, served warrant, keep the peace, animal problem, citizen assist, citizen assist, unattended death, agency assist.

Oct 3: Accident — property damage, harassment, agency assist, animal problem, lock out, VIN inspection, suicide threat, ATL for Cache Co., animal problem, assist EMS, citizen assist, medical assist.

Court sentences

Kevin R. Daley, 47, Preston, was fined $226 for failure to obtain an overweight/oversize motor carrier permit.

Michael S. Haug, 57, Minature, was fined $279 for a motor carrier over-length violation.

Andrew R. Perez, 29, Preston, was fined $265, was sentenced to 90 days jail, which was suspended and placed on one year probation for trespassing private property to hunt/retrieve wildlife/fish or trap.

Lyla A. Dettmer, 53, Preston, was fined $1004, and sentenced to 120 jail, 75 days of which were suspended and the remaining 45 days to be served at home, concurrent four years prison, which was suspended, and three years probation, for two counts forging a signature on documents submitted to the state commission to receive matching funds for the Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission.

Harold Jones Weyerman, 77, Preston, was fined $3,891, sentenced to 15 years prison, 10 years of which is fixed for sexual abuse of minor under the age of 16. He was also sentenced to 12 years prison, 10 years of which are fixed, and which is concurrent with the previous charge for lewd conduct with a child under the age of 16.

Shane H. Peterson, 54, was fined $2,945.50, was sentenced to six years prison, three of which are determinate and all of which was suspended based on his performance in the state’s drug court program, for felony possession of a controlled substance. He was also placed on probation for five years.

Kordell E. Stone, 22, was fined $3445.50, was sentenced to six years prison, two of which are determinate, with the court retaining jurisdiction for one year, for felony injury to a child.

Judgement was withheld against Daniel C. H. Scrogham, 19, Preston, for felony fleeing/attempting to elude an officer. He was fined $2,145.50 and placed probation for five years. His drivers license was suspended one year and he was given 180 days of jail, which was suspended.

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