Preston Police Department

August 20: Citizen assist, attempted fraud, ATL vehicle, family dispute, animal problem.

August 21: Citizen assist, citizen assist, served arrest warrant, 911 hang up, report of missing prescriptions, ATL vehicle, suspicious incident, traffic hazard.

August 22: Intrusion alarm, impounded dog at large, agency assist, agency assist — ISP, noise problem.

August 23: Citizen assist, juvenile problem, 911 hang up, medical assist — choking, traffic hazard.

August 24: Juvenile problem — sex offense, found property, assist Life Flight.

August 25: Juvenile problem, 911 hang up, ATL vehicle, suicidal person.

August 26: Ambulance assist, animal problem, theft of equipment, citizen assist, VIN inspection, animal problem, dog at large, assist medical, VIN inspection, welfare check, medical call, citizen assist, agency assist — FCSO, lock out.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

August 23: Suspicious incident, citizen assist, traffic control w/cattle, agency assist, parking problem, motorist assist.

August 24: Dog bite, traffic accident, trespassing, report of cows out, citizen assist, abandoned vehicle, 911 hang up, noise problem.

August 25: Petit theft, domestic dispute, juvenile problem, traffic hazard, agency assist.

August 26: 911 hang up, citizen assist, 911 hang up, agency assist, citizen assist, lock out.

August 27: ATL deer w/broken leg, medical assist-fall, citizen assist, ATL vehicle.

August 28: ATL vehicle, prisoner transport, agency assist, probation violation, juvenile problem at Jr. High.