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Preston Police Department

Jan. 7: Assisted a citizen threatening suicide. Investigated a suspicious door to door vacuum salesperson. Assisted another resident and investigated a noise problem and another suspicious incident.

Jan 8: Helped a person experiencing mental problem. Provided a welfare check for an adult female. Responded to a medical assistance call, which was determined to be false. Provided a VIN inspection. Investigated a phone scam, and a traffic accident in which a truck struck the pillar in the U.S. Bank drive-through and sped off. Investigated reports of fraud and credit card fraud. Transported a male to a mental health facility. Provided assistance to a resident. Investigated a traffic accident in which there was property damage.

Jan. 9: Provided a welfare check.

Jan. 10: Investigated an animal problem. Assisted another agency with a DUI. Took report of a burglary alarm. Assisted a 38-year-old male who was in pain. Found property. attempted to locate a vehicle.

Jan. 11: Assisted another agency. Investigated threats made. Provided medical assistance to two citizens. Investigated an accident and a truancy problem.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

Jan. 8 Assisted a transient on State Street. Assisted two citizens. Conducted a VIN inspection on an abandoned vehicle. Investigated a report of fraud and animal neglect. Transported a juvenile. Responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle on US 91 Milepost 19 and then to a traffic offense on US 91 and Cub River Road at the Park and Ride.

Jan. 9 Kept the peace. Assisted Child Protective Services. Responded to a snowmobile accident with injuries. North Cache Instacare reported an animal bite, but was unable to locate the patient.

Jan. 10 Investigated a suspicious incident at a storage unit in Weston. Responded to a possible slide off on Highway 91 near Milepost 11 which resulted in the arrest of one adult male for DUI. Assisted another agency with an individual with breathing problems Responded to a two-vehicle non reportable accident. Assisted two motorists. Conducted a welfare check. Investigated a juvenile problem.

Jan. 11 Investigated a report of harassment on social media and a report of package theft. Followed up on a terminated 911 call. Transported a prisoner.

Jan. 12 Served a warrant. Transported a prisoner to Cache County. Transported a prisoner from Blackfoot South to Cache County. Conducted a welfare check.

Jan. 13 Conducted a VIN inspection on a horse trailer. Investigated a report of check. Responded to a report of a traffic hazard.

Jan. 14 Investigated a report of fraud. Followed up on a terminated 911 call. Responded to an animal issue. Transported three prisoners. Unlocked a car. Arrested an adult on a warrant, including additional drug charges.

Jan. 15 Assisted another agency. Responded to a report of an animal bite. Investigated a report of theft. Responded to an accident.

Booked into Cache County Jail

Hugh Geddes, 36, by FCSO on Jan. 14, for possession of a controlled substance, marijuana and drug paraphernalia, with intent to use. Bond set at $5,000.

Val Reeder, 62, by FCSO on Jan. 13, on a warrant.

Tate Cole, 27, by FCsO on Jan. 11, for probation/parole violation.

Sixth Judicial District Court sentences

Nicholas Hugh Bowles, 31, Preston was fined $283 for operating a motor carrier vehicle without a trip permit.

Justin D. Cole, 37, Preston, was fined $465 and was sentenced to 180 days jail, which was suspended and placed on probation for one year for trespassing on private property to hunt, retrieve wildlife, fish or trap.

Edwin W. Johnson, 32, Preston, was fined $357.50 for malicious injury to property.

Cameron D. Miner, 28, Preston, was fined $347.50, was sentenced to 180 days jail which was suspended and nine months probation for possession of marijuana.

Nathan Mac Noyes 45, Amalga, was fined $282.50 for a violation of the rules and regulations of the brand board.

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