Altercation with police leads to shooting

The scene of the fatal officer-involved shooting that took place near Stokes Market in Preston on Nov. 19.

On Nov. 19, at approximately 8:30 p.m., officers were dispatched to a call from Stokes Marketplace for help with a suspicious individual in the store.

Menjivar-Saabedra, of El Salvador, but who has been working at a dairy in the Grace area, entered Stokes Market at about 8:30 p.m. on Nov. 19. His suspicious behavior prompted employees to contact police. Officers from both the Preston Police Department and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department responded, and escorted him out of the store. They spent over an hour trying to negotiate with him, but the situation escalated, when Menjivar-Saabedra pulled a knife on the officers. They deployed a taser, but when the taser didn’t stop Menjivar-Saabedra, fatal shots were fired, said authorities. Menjivar-Saabedra died at the scene.

The case is being investigated by the Eastern Idaho Critical Incident Team, with the Pocatello Idaho Police Department taking lead. Local law enforcement agencies employ the critical incident team to investigate whenever an officer-involved shooting occurs in Idaho.

Other agencies that responded to the scene were the Idaho State Police, Bannock County Sheriff’s Department and Chubbuck Police Department. Officers from all of those agencies were on the scene at Stokes, investigating for several hours following the shooting.

The names of officers involved in the incident will not be released by the Pocatello Police Department, said Lt. Anderson of the Pocatello Police Department. They have been placed on administrative leave until the investigation has been completed.

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