■ Genealogy Gems: Eastern boy finds ancestor in family history library

Recently over 10 staff members of the Preston Family History Center attended Roots Tech, the genealogical conference in Salt Lake City. The conference is the largest family history conference in the world with over 7,000 people attending. Several well-known speakers at the conference, such as Saroo Brierley who told his story of being born in India to a poor family which lived from hand to mouth. At about age five he was lost at a railroad station and boarded a train, which ended up in Calcutta. He tried to get back home but always ended back in Calcutta. He lived on the streets for several weeks before he ended up at the police station. 

He was taken to an orphanage where they tried to locate his parents. When they were unable to do so, he was adopted by a family who lived in Australia.  He was kindly cared for, but longed for his mother back in India. He began to search his homeland through Google Earth. After several years of searching he located the train station where he had been lost and the town where his mother lived. He visited India and was reconnected with his mother, who he had not seen for 25 years. 

His story illustrates the importance and long lasting meaning of family relationships. When we learn about our ancestors we learn about ourselves and many of the qualities we have may have been traits that our ancestors also possessed.