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Sawyer Hemsley’s road to success is littered with cookie crumbs. When he opened his first Crumbl cookie store in Logan in 2017, he was banking on the idea that a warm batch of cookies delivered to one’s home would be as popular among the college town’s populace as a box of hot pizza. 

Apparently, he was right: 18 months and 21 stores later, Hemsley and his partner, Jason McGowan, are busy expanding the Crumbl franchise throughout the country and Canada. They currently have stores in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, with stores soon to open in Tennessee, Texas and Montana. Crumbl offers a rotating selection of six varieties of cookies a week, which change every Sunday evening. To date, the company has 40 recipes to choose from, most of which come from Sawyer himself.

“I dream of cookies everyday. I’m always thinking ‘What new thing can I make into cookie?’” he said. To do that, he browses old recipe books, surfs desserts online and experiments. 

The company’s two mainstays, however, are offered each week: chocolate chip cookies and chilled sugar cookies – a recipe his family has enjoyed making since he was a child.         

“I can honestly say the first ever Crumbl cookie was baked in Preston, Idaho in my mom’s oven,” he said. 

The cookies themselves, they have been shipped internationally. Customers choose their favorite flavor online and after payment, the cookies are baked and shipped, said Sawyer’s mother, Laurie. She and Lance, Sawyer’s dad, have now purchased the first store opened in Logan, as well as the company’s first franchise, located in Bountiful. 

It is definitely a family business. Sawyer’s cousin, Whitney Ransom, is married to McGowan. His sister, Brett, opened the latest store on Feb. 27, in Cedar City, Utah, and has another store in St. George. Another sister, Laken, trains employees and will open a store in Boise, soon. Big brother Channing is breaking ground in Texas for the franchise. 

“We’ve all been pretty involved from the beginning,” said Laurie.

Franklin County residents can find the cookies at the House of Pop, which purchases several dozen a week for resell. Local deliveries to Preston cooled off after they were first made available, but the family is still considering a store in there, as a few requests from the Logan store still come in. 

Crumbl’s corporate office in Orem, Utah, handles the online delivery requests. That’s where Sawyer spends most of his time with a staff of about 10 corporate employees (300 company-wide) including a tech specialist the company just hired away from Snapchat and Facebook. 

“We are building a lot of our own technology to be the first in the market – we are always looking to be different, better and special,” he said. By the end of the year, Sawyer said the company’s goal is to have 100 stores nationwide.

“I’m really excited for the future. I enjoy coming to work everyday,” he said. 

From a mother’s perspective, Laurie is pleased, but not surprised at the company’s success.

“Sawyer has always been creative and motivated and a hard worker. 

He works hard when he sets his mind to something,” she said. That’s a trait Laurie herself is known for in Preston. For over 25 years, she has coached young women preparing for the Junior Miss and distinguished Young Women competitions. 

“I really love to see the change in them. It’s so amazing,“ she said of the young women, and as past participants can attest, she sets the bar high and helps them find their way over it.

“Anything she told me, I did it,” said Sawyer. “No one believed that little cookie shop would go anywhere, but she did.” Laurie said it wouldn’t surprise her to see him riding the wave of some other creative business in the future, and she’ll be right there supporting him.

Sawyer graduated from Preston High School in 2010, and from college last year, and he’s “most available bachelor,” laughed his mother.

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