Preston City Police Department

May 1: ATL, vehicle: driving complaint. Impounded a stray dog. Lockout. 

May 2: Report of a stray cow. Impounded a stray dog. Citizen assist. Citizen assist. 

May 3: Citizen assist. Citizen assist. Keep the peace.

May 4: Welfare check, citizen assist. Suspicious incident. Citizen dispute. 

May 5: Possession of a controlled substance. Noise problem. Ambulance assist. Ambulance assist. Citizen dispute. Citizen assist. Trespassing. 911 hang up. Lock out. Theft of vehicle part. Civil issue. Agency assist.

May 6: Probation violation. Juvenile problem. Lockout. Impounded a dog at large. 

May 7: A false 911 hang up call. Panic alarm, false alarm. Holdup alarm, false alarm. Animal complaint. Two vehicle accident with damage.

Franklin County Sheriff Office

Unavailable at press time.

Court Sentences

Stephanie Sue Lee Davis, 29, Preston, was fined $797.50 for use/possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to use.

Mallory Jensen, 19, Preston, was fined $260.50 for unlawful overtaking and passing a school bus.

Ryan K. Nelson, 40, Weston, was fined $229 for failure to obtain overweight/oversize motor carrier permits.

Kerry M. Nicks, 26, Frederick, was fined $902.50 was sentenced to 180 days jail, with 178 days suspended, had his drivers license suspended for 90 days and was placed on probation for one year for a DUI. He was also fined $447.50 for use/possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to use.