Preston City Police Department

May 29: Traffic hazard on the highway. False 911 call. Juvenile conflict. Welfare check. 

May 30: VIN inspection. Holdup alarm, false alarm. Report of stray dog. Welfare check. Impounded a stray dog. Report of lost dog. 

May 31: Citizen assist. Lost juvenile. Citizen assist regarding custody. Vin inspection. Welfare check. Citation given for domestic battery. 

June 1: Single vehicle rollover. Alarm at the hospital. Citizen assist. Lockout. Welfare check. Complaint of dog at large. Lock out. 

June 2: Welfare check. Runaway juvenile. Citizen dispute. Assist county. two car accident. 

June 3: Swan in the road. 

June 4: Report that chickens were killed. Impounded a stray dog  ATL vehicle County assist Report of horses on the road Citizen assist.

Franklin County Sheriff Office

May 23: Tree in roadway near 6000 E Cub River Rd. Transported 7 inmates from Cache for court. Report of computer crime. 911 call, student running down the hall and dialed 911 somehow. Prisoner transport. Report of theft. Transported one adult male to Cache County Jail. Responded to a 911 hang up. Responded to HWY 36 report of cows out on the road. 

May 24: ATL, person. Juvenile problem. Intrusion alarm. Prisoner transport. Lockout. Welfare check. Bails of hay in the road way. Citizen assist. 

May 25: Traffic Accident, property damage. Cited one adult male for possession of a controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia with intent to use. Report of theft. Unlocked a vehicle. Report of vehicles racing. 

May 26: Welfare check. Agency assist. Theft. Agency assist. Accidental 911 hang up. Report of theft. Report of noise problem. 

May 27: Intruder alarm. Medical. ATL vehicle, unable to locate. Reporting party called and was worried the ground was moving and there were campers below the slide area. 

May 28: Citizen assist. Suspicious vehicle, unable to locate. Lock cut off storage unit, nothing was missing. Juvenile took the keys to the vehicle and left because he was upset. Transported one juvenile male to detention center.

May 29: Called to cattle on the railroad tracks WS HWY. Suspicious person. One vehicle, no injury accident. Accidental 911 call. Transported adult male from Weber County Jail to Cache County Jail without incident. Picked up juvenile female from detention center and gave her a ride to her home. 

May 30: Dog bite. Citizen assist. Transported 1 adult male from Bannock County to Cache County. Accidental 911 call. Intrusion alarm. 

May 31: Missing person. ATL. 17 year old being harassed by 18 year old ex-boyfriend. Civil issue. Cows out. ATL Vehicle, located the vehicle parked in the camping area west of the boat check at Twin Lakes, the driver was out of the vehicle. Agency assist with domestic dispute. Report of runaway juvenile male. 

June 1: Assist city with accident. Lockout. Goats out. Property damage. Report of suspicious vehicle, W 4500 S, unable to locate. Report of possible DUI on US 91, unable to locate. 

June 2: Civil issue. Report of vehicle skipping the boat check station on US 91. Report of horse out on US 36, owner notified. Report of domestic dispute. Citizen assist.

June 3: Citizen assist. Transported one adult male to the Cache County Jail without incident. VIN inspection. Two vehicle crash assisted. VIN inspection. Health and Welfare reported that a child that has been placed in foster care disclosed that she had been “sexually assaulted”. Prisoner transport, inmate had new charges in Bannock County did not transport. 

June 4: Citizen assist. Prisoner transport. Assisted Wyoming State investigators with conducting a search warrant. Prisoner transport. Three car crash S State St, all drivers refused medical. VIN inspection. Accidental 911 call. 

June 5: Report that kids had places things in the roadway. Prisoner transport. Report of property damage. Assisted State of Wyoming Criminal Investigations on a search warrant. Assisted city with inventory of a vehicle after an arrest. Transported one adult male and one adult female to Cache County Jail. 

June 6: Accident. Prisoner transport. Utility problem. Agency assist. Animal problem.

Court sentences

None to report