Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, April 27, 1994

In a continuing effort to provide services to the community, Franklin County Medical Center plans to start Hospice by June of 1994. FCMC is seeking volunteers to help with the program. Volunteers are a basic, valuable part of the Hospice program.

A blaze that destroyed the Ramon Banks home in Preston, brought out the worst in damage a fire can do and the best in the family’s neighbors. . . Several people left their names with officer Dale Golightly saying they had homes the Banks family could use for temporary housing.

West Side School District officials are ecstatic about the overwhelming approval of a $97,000 supplemental levy override last week. Some 96 percent of the patrons voted in favor of the override.

Gunnell Seed warehouse, part of the Gunnell Farms and agri-business in Dayton, provided seed to farmers in northern Utah and southern Idaho, and one of the newest interests has been his pea seed, some of which he grows on his own farm, along with four other growers in the county.

The success of past sports at Preston High School is visible this spring as sports teams show the same kind of success the previous fall and winter sports started. Golf, baseball, track and softball continue their winning streaks.

50 Years Ago, May 1, 1969

Mormoniers, local teen-age singing group, under the direction of Janet S. Jensen, won first place last week on Eugene Jelesnik’s Talent Showcase. (Utah TV program)

Jeeps and other four-wheel driven vehicles will not be tolerated on farmers’ crop land, according to the Franklin County sheriff’s office and probate judge’s office. Complaints have been received and future violations will be prosecuted.

The first annual Southeastern Idaho Quality Holstein Dairy Sale, at the county fairgrounds, will feature quality Holstein heifers from four months to two years of age selected from registered Holstein herds from southeastern Idaho, northern Utah and Star Valley, WY.

It sounds like no skin off your nose when a “foundation” spends a large sum of money chasing moonbeams. It is. As is, most foundations do just “enough” of these things to justify their tax exemptions while diverting sometime larger sums to subsidies in other countries. While there remains chronic neglect of so many home-front problems, foreign involvement and foreign spending -- public and private--appear unwise and inappropriate, if not downright immoral. -- Paul Harvey

A mixed senior quartet of the Franklin Stake, who were from Weston, were the winners at the regional quartet festival in Logan. In the group were Carl Bingham, Reed Griffeth, Nancy Nielson and Mary Bingham.

Mowing your lawn can be fun and easy . . .after we sharpen and repair your mower. -- Auger Auto Service

75 Years Ago, May 4, 1944

Grocery stores and all other retail stores of Preston will commence closing each Saturday evening at 8 p.m. this week. Heretofore, the stores have closed at 7, but the longer days and working season being at hand, merchants are making a special effort to accommodate the rural trade. The public, in turn, is being asked to cooperate by getting all Saturday shopping done in plenty of time so that clerks will not have to work after 8 p.m.

Planting of spring crops is about two weeks behind schedule this year due to the late spring and inclement weather of the past two weeks. The eight-inch snow fall two weeks ago and following storms were the biggest impediment to farmers.

CURFEW NOTICE -- Commencing May 1, the City Curfew will ring each night at 10 p.m. after which time all persons 16 years and under must be off the streets of Preston. (After Oct 1, the curfew will ring at 9 p.m.)

Old Timer: One who can remember when the Crime Problem was solved in the high chair instead of the electric chair.

A purchasing agent who requested a supply house to send him a new catalog received this reply: “The only part of our catalog we are still certain about is the line that says, ‘Est. in 1885.’ All other information and prices have been withdrawn.”

Meat Values -- Ground beef, $.26/lb., Veal roast, $.25/lb, Armour Star Bacon, $.39/lb. -- Campbell’s Market

100 Years Ago, May 1, 1919

Several ship loads of Australian Wheat are on the way here. When they arrive wheat prices will be reduced. For the next twenty days we will pay $2.10 for soft wheat and $2.15 for hard wheat, per bushel. -- Preston Milling Co.

“Don’t let Wall Street monopolize the financing of the war, but if you do, then do not blame Wall Street. Simply admit that it is more patriotic and far-sighted than you are.” Theodore Roosevelt -- Theodore Roosevelt was a great American because he saw through to the heart of things and because he had courage enough to tell what he saw. He said something in that quotation that every American ought to con over.

We are mustering out about 15,000 men a day, and at this rate it will take 10 months to demobilize the army. It will cost over $3 billion dollars to bring the boys back, feed and care for them until it is done. That gives us an idea of the size of the job. The Franklin County Citizen gives reports of men returning from France, mustering out of the military.