Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, May 11, 1994

Nineteen members of the Utah National Guard pedaled out of Franklin to begin a 700 mile ride against drugs. Ten days from now they expect to arrive in St. George, UT, having visited 70 high schools on the way, encouraging students to either become or stay drug free.

State officials declare Jefferson School dangerous. It is not condemned. It can be used with temporary fixes. “Earthquakes are a concern. You are in the highest zone for probability of earthquakes,“ said Jack Baynes, Building Programs Manager from Dept. of Labor and Industries. Fresh cracks were noted in the Jefferson after the last string of earthquakes in the region.

ComNet Cellular Inc., erected a new cellular telephone station on Giraffe Hill. Using a crane to lift the one room building from a semi-trailer, the building was set on a pre-laid pad of cement.

Allie Hansen of Preston received the Orchid Award from the Idaho State Historical Preservation Commission for her work towards getting the Bear River Massacre site named a National Historical Landmark. Hansen is president of the Bear River/Battle Creek Monument Association and chair of the massacre upgrade project , and has been working over the past several years to obtain national recognition for the conflict between the United States Cavalry and Indian natives in 1863. Hansen has been instrumental in obtaining the National Historical Landmark status by petitioning historians, state and national officials and other interested parties.

5th Annual Cinco de Mayo Mexican Dinner -- Come to our Fiesta, May 14 at the Robinson Building -- Great food, Live Entertainment -- Tickets available at the door. Public invited to attend. -- Sponsored by St. Peters CWO of Preston

50 Years Ago, May 15, 1969

Plans have been completed for an elementary schools’ spring carnival to be held in the recreation park adjacent to the fairgrounds. Box lunches will be served to school children prior to carnival time. The carnival is sponsored by the PTA.

A person or persons broke into Preston High School last weekend. About $200 in damage was reported to locks and doors and about $75-$100 in change from vending machines was taken. Entrance was gained by breaking out a window in the back of the building.

A special bronze plaque containing names of all persons who served in World War I, will become a permanent part of the Veterans’ Monument in ceremonies befitting the occasion.

The Eastside school district board “reviewed the budget for the district in its final form” even though revenue for the district was $25,000 short of the proposed expenditures.

Fire hose jeans are reduced thru Saturday -- $3.33 instead of regular $3.98. It’s a four alarm happening! Our tough canvas jeans with the look of a fire hose, the stamina of a fire tuck, are reduced. The cut is slim and trim. They’re Penn-Prest to never need ironing. Soil Release helps you wash out stains. -- Penneys, Always first quality.

Members of the West Side track team who will go to state tournament this year include: Michael Anderson, Curtis Henderson, Wesley Beutler, Marv Reeder, Berk Buttars and Joe Perry.

75 Years Ago, May 18, 1944

There will be 128 students graduates from Preston High School if all work is completed by commencement. The title of the graduation theme will be “Our Tomorrow.”

Farmers who have not yet done so are asked to apply this month for the benefit payment allowed on all milk and butterfat sales for the months of March and April. These subsidies, which are handled at the county ACA office, allow $.50 on each hundredweight of milk and $.08 a pound for butterfat.

Work on the storm drain through the school block in Preston is progressing nicely. This drain will provide outlet for all surface water on the eastern portion of the city and is being laid through the school block with an 18 inch pipe. There are 138 feet to be placed and 100 feet are now finished.

A fool and his money may soon part -- but they were lucky to get together in the first place.

We think the Italians would have done better if they had stuck to grand opera.

Theo Petterborg was named chairman of a committee to gather and distribute playing cards, games, and scrap books and magazines for members of the armed forces. The campaign will be conducted under the auspices of the Preston Chamber of Commerce. . . The USO will accept the Franklin County contribution and see that it is distributed through the various army camps, hospitals and stations overseas where men will have need for these things.

100 Years Ago, May 15, 1919

Idaho folks may well look pridefully upon not only the foundation they have laid but upon the superstructure they are rearing. They are sound and beautiful. They have not built upon sand nor have they permitted any facade to be marred by radicalism. It is not only a matter of pride, but of profit, for Idaho’s reputation for substantiality has become an asset of national scope.

Commissioners take steps to bond for roads. Action must come soon in order that we might participate in state and federal money. There never has been a time in the history of Franklin County, as the present, for the building of a good road system throughout our boundary.

Don’t be a quitter because our team lost a couple of games. We will show some of you sports that do all the hollering and no supporting.

MEN WANTED – Men and teams $.75 per hour; single handed 37 1-2c per hour. Apply Road Overseer Urias Keller and Chas. Westerberg, Mink Creek, ID. Long time job.