If every blossom blooming on our chokecherry trees produces berries it will be a very good year for those wanting to make chokecherry syrup or jelly this coming fall. The trees are over-laden right now, along with other varieties of flowering bushes. With the frequent rain storms passing through all growing things are getting irrigated, some to the point of being overwhelmed.

It was a big day for the Wilcox family. Eldon and Danita Wilcox drove to Marsh Valley for the blessing of their newest grandchild. The little girl, born to MacKenzie and Tyson Gunter in mid-April, was named Preslie Mack Gunter. Also witnessing the event of this niece were Jesse and Annavelynn Wilcox.

Descendants of the Hannah and Perry Pearson family were up for Memorial Day weekend. It was good to see the gates open and people bustling around the Pearson headquarters.

Memorial Day always brings lots of people to Mink Creek. Some that happened to cross my path were Gary and Sharen Erickson of Chubbuck, ID, and Bryan and Shannon Erickson and Jesse of Wellsville, UT.

The siblings of Sheldon Longhurst and their families came for a few days to help his widow, Candy, with some of the unfinished construction on the Longhurst home, putting on siding, helping with outdoor projects and such.

Two of Glen Jepen’s siblings were up to enjoy both family and the cemetery. JoAn and Kevin Auger live in Woodland, Hills, UT and Dan and Jean Jepsen live in Bountiful, UT. Families love reconnecting in this beautiful, green place.

Sandy Wylie of Rock Springs, WY, spent a few days with Lana and Ivan McCracken. Sandy returned for some needed surgery and was grateful for a place to recuperate with her friends. Sandy says she is missing Mink Creek, especially this time of year.

Mike and Mary Ann Jepsen had an active weekend keeping track of their sons, Joe and Jared, plus families. There is always rides and horses, and outdoor fun with Grandpa Mike when the family gets together.

With the recent storms the Mink Creek water network, including those smaller creeks that feed the main stream,  is full, spreading over banks if flatter terrain happens to be available. The rushing water is one of those sounds that go with spring weather. Usually by now things have calmed down but this season the rains have rejuvenated any small spring and the water is making itself known.


Congratulations to the Westside High School graduates on May 22 of Linrose. They are Isabelle Roberts, Kyla Dahle, Riley Smith, Talon Johnson, Kallan Groll, and Joni Creager.

The Young Women’s May service project was planting flowers for a ward member. Another activity they enjoyed was the “Family Feud” game. They are planning and looking forward to Trek this year.


Fairview 1st Ward recognized 10 seniors who graduated from Preston High School on May 23. Congratulations to: Breanna Smith, Becca Zitting, Sylvia Anderson, Lindsay Bingham, Shayla Cole, Zachary Allen, Travis Priestley, Daxton Christensen, Dillon Rogers, and Herman Roberts. 

The Fairview 1st Ward had a clean-up day at the Fairview Cemetery for Memorial Day.

The Fairview 2nd Ward community was saddened to hear of the passing of Floyd Jensen on May 29. His funeral was held on June 3. He was interred in the Treasureton Cemetery. He will be greatly missed.


Highway 91 Outdoor Market officially opened its “doors” on Saturday, June 1.  Even though the grand opening was small, the interest was high with lots of customers stopping all day.  Only one vendor sold ski masks, electronic seat covers, bug-filled necklaces and other interesting items as the traffic detoured for a closer look.  Interested persons should call 208-999-5885 for sales applications and more information.

As the regular school schedule ends, a variety of new activities open up for youth in Franklin.  Madison Wood, Danika Lavender, and Ellie Nelson will be attending a volleyball camp to sharpen their skills on the court.  Jaycee Rossier, Jacquelin Vazquez, and Araeli Atkinson will be cheering, tumbling, dancing, and marching in parades as the weather warms up.  Many of the local graduates such as Joseph Malcolm, Javen Chatterton, and Broch Fuit look forward to serving missions in the near future – whereas Breanna Jeppson, Daryn Short, and Dallin Rallison are headed off to college.   Work experiences are always available to many like Nathan Christensen, Mya Stagg, Natalie Dean, Kaden Johnson, and Hunter Nelson who find employment and cash rewards at the local chicken farm.  School in the fall may be a real treat after some of these summer adventures!


Condolences to the Cordell Hull family. Cordell passed away on June 1. His funeral was held June 8 at the Whitney Ward and was buried in the Whitney Cemetery.