The Woodward’s Country Store 8th Annual Easter Egg Hunt was a big hit held in the Weston City Park on April 20. Many children and their families came. There were four age groups where each group had the same amount of eggs and one Golden Ticket for $10 that could be redeemed at the Woodward’s Country Store. 

The children could also put their name on a ticket at Woodward’s Country Store to enter drawings for prizes. 

Van and Greta Woodward thank the businesses who donated eggs filled with coupons and prizes, and the participants for depositing the empty plastic egg shells in the black garbage bags located around the park so they can be used next year. A special thanks go to the Activity Day Girls who helped remove tape and put the eggs together.


We have golden ‘curly flowers’ dotting the slopes, gladdening the heart with their message of spring. Our lawns are sporting the tiny purple violets in bunches. (Both varieties of the violet family) The bees, stirring about, so happy are they to see some blossoms. We are hopeful that the ‘mud season’ is behind us for 2019.

Wendy and Terry Westerberg made a long trip eastward to South Carolina. They were visiting son Matthew and Haylee Westerberg in Charleston where they set up housekeeping not long ago with a new job. Matt is working as an immigration officer for Homeland Security and Haylee is a surgical nurse at the Medical University of South Carolina. At this early season of the year the countryside is beautiful and so pleasant. All know that the summer temperatures and humidity will likely increase.

The family of Kent and Tammy Beardall made the trek to Rexburg, Idaho, for the occasion of blessing the newest granddaughter. She is the lovely little lady of Nicole and Nathan Denney, and was named Zaydee Lee Denney.

A brother/sister team, Davis and Claire Collins spent their semester break from college studies at BYU-I hanging out in Mink Creek with grandparents, Bob and Claudia Erickson. The weather being both wet and dreary and bright and sunny allowed for outdoor chores and plenty of indoor activities to fill this week.

The family of Robert and Elizabeth Hawkes are back in town. During their absence one of their older children have been holding down the premises. They have enjoyed living in Treasureton for a few years and will soon have that house on the real estate market. Welcome home.

Lori Muldner has relocated, still within reach, but in Preston. With the decision of returning to the southwest of Texas or Arizona, or staying in Idaho, the cooler, greener state got the vote.

Karen Erickson had knee surgery at the Franklin County Medical Center and has been recuperating. Now she has progressed to the use of a cane and some physical therapy is on her schedule.

Davanie Ostler, teenage daughter of Stuart and Alona, is co-coaching a young cheer team. Her little sister AliRay is an enthusiastic part of the team.

A recent storm flung a robin’s nest from its pine tree cradle. Only days prior this feathered mother had gathered grasses to line her home. It was a sad moment to pick up the perfect tiny blue egg cast onto the lawn.


We would like to welcome two new families to our area. New to Clifton are Thomas Alan and Mary Brooks and their four children: Eva, Audreana, Eleanor, and Gabriel. Recent move-ins to Oxford are Russell and Amanda Twiss and their three children: Holdyn, Taelynn, and Shaedyn. We are happy to have all of you as neighbors!

The West Side softball team went out of town for two days to a tournament in Glenns Ferry. They played four games, and WON all four of them by a large number. Congratulations to these girls!

Delora Henderson from Dayton recently passed away.  She was a special lady to all of us here on the west side.  She donated, and planted all of the flowers around the high school and our beautiful performing arts center. Her energy made many of the rest of us look rather sad. I remember when many members of our community gathered to lay the sod at our new elementary school. Delora was instrumental in growing and harvesting…I don’t know if that is the word…the sod. She would lift those heavy rolls of sod out of the truck and place them on the ground, and the rest of we wimps would roll them out. I know that she was about 16 years older than me but I often felt much older than her! At her funeral the West Side Pirate flags flew proudly on the church lawn, and there were beautiful flowers lining the sidewalk. She will be fondly remembered.

Released on Sunday April 14, from serving in the Clifton 2nd Ward was the Young Women presidency. Many thanks to Deb Wood, President, and her counselors and secretary Sparkle Ebanez, Leiza Povey, and Brittney Anger along with the advisors Shannon Robbins, Angie Ward and Jane Beckstead.  

The newly called Young Women presidency are President Brittney Anger, and her counselors and secretary Kristen Ralphs, Noelle Larson, and Ashley Cox. Newly called advisors are Shannon Bergman, Gayle Gailey, Danielle Hamilton, Kristy Clawson, and Katie Wilde.  The Young Women’s camp director is Angie Ward. 

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful spring weather……FINALLY! Who knows what it will be doing the day this comes out in the newspaper. Have a great week!! 


Elder Riley Jensen has returned from serving an LDS Mission in Washington Federal Way and Tacoma Mission. He spoke in the Cub River Ward on Sun., April 28. Elder Jensen is the son of Jared and Karen Jensen.


The Fairview 1st Ward Young Women and Young Men had a fireside with the theme “You may not remember all their names, but they will never forget yours” for the ward on family history and temple work. They performed 180 baptisms and confirmations and at the fireside asked for the ward’s help in finishing the work. Porter Nelson, Rachel Gilbert and Anna Nelson spoke. Becca Zitting organized a combined youth choir to sing. The youth kept track of how many names were done by putting a jewel on a poster for each name. Refreshments were served.