The Spring Creek Daughters of Utah Pioneers (DUP) consisting of members in Whitney, Cub River and Preston areas, gathered on May 6, for a field trip to the Cache Pioneer DUP Museum, 160 North Main Street, in Logan. They went to lunch at the historic Bluebird Restaurant. This was the last meeting for the summer until September. 

Young Women in the Whitney Ward/Valley View Branch had a Franklin Stake Camp Kick-off to know what to take for camp on April 23. Following the theme “Happily Ever After,” each ward chose a princess, played Cahoots Conference Trivia. 

The Young Men/Young Women combined activity was held on April 30. They were divided into groups and each was given a scripture. They were to make a picture out of snacks. For instance, the Young Women’s President Callie Kunz’s group was given the scripture of I Nephi 17-20, Nephi’s journey into the promised land. They made a ship out of red licorice, marshmallows and sprinkles. Bishop Russell Palmer and his wife, Joann, had to guess what the scripture was and judged the “art work.” Rootbeer floats were served for refreshments.


Weston City Clean-up is scheduled for Sat., May 18, at 9 a.m. They will be cleaning up the streets and sidewalks. Participants will bring shovels, rakes and gloves. Garbage bags will be available to pick up trash. Dumpsters will also be available.


The Fairview 2nd Ward had a Quilting Class on May 1. Fae Hampton did a presentation on a one block Alternating Star Quilt. A few other women brought their sewing projects to work on and share. Elsie Thompson brought a Simple Attic Window Quilt. Judy Smith brought patterns for a Woven Block Card Trick Quilt. Mary Jo Roberts showed a quilt that she finished. Several other quilters brought ideas for the next year’s projects. The group has been meeting for about six years to learn more about quilting and have also made table runners and tote bags. The group will take the summer off until September.


The days are not overly warm, but rushing waters and blooming flowers still indicate spring. Depending on how far up or down our little valley one may notice daffodils, narcissus, the bright red and yellow tulips, blossoming fruit trees, both wild and domestic. Some gardens are already planted, some growers still waiting on what is hoped to be the ‘final frost.’

Ty Jepsen, son of Kerry and Melinda Jepsen, was ordained to the office of priest in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Grady Stansworth, the son of Kaci and Heath Avery, was recently baptized and confirmed a member of the Church.

Brett and Jody Rasmussen have returned from a trip to Texas. They took their daughter, Cheyenne Lloyd and her new baby to the Shepherd Air Force Base where husband, and new father, Kaden Lloyd is currently stationed.

Two of our ‘in and out’ residents have been in their Mink Creek homes recently. Both are Utah located in their daily lives: Nancy and Kevin Alder and Sam and Sylvia Stanger. We look forward to warmer weather when they will stay around longer.

The community helped Brint and Brittnee Phillips move into their home high on the slopes above Strawberry Creek. The family has been an active part of our village, but have been living in Preston while the Mink Creek home was under construction. Many hands helped to shorten the labor time and was much appreciated.

Sherrie and Shane Corbett are happy to announce the engagement of their daughter Brooke. She will be marrying Josh Reichman, a young man from Colorado, in June.

Jyllian Christensen, our 11 year old equestrian, has been crowned the Princess of the War Bonnet Roundup Rodeo, Idahos oldest rodeo. This first daughter of Lacey and Kerry Christensen has always loved horses and most everything connected with being a cowgirl. Her interests are broad and varied, she competes in ballroom dancing, sings, plays the violin and is an avid reader. She loves all things rodeo and is looking forward to this opportunity.

Sharla and Lin McKay spent a weekend in Springville, UT, with their son Payton and Judith Newby, blessing a new baby girl, named Adalind. While there they celebrated Sharla’s birthday with strawberry shortcake, minus candles.

No warm spring breezes wafting through our community lately. Instead a constant wind, hours on end, carrying a definite chill, but still drying things out as only a wind can.


May Day dawned bright and beautiful after a day of rain and snow in Franklin. Depending how high up the mountain residents live, the moisture ranged from muddy puddles to two inches of snow on apricot blossoms and dog-toothed violets. Just a week later, dry clouds of dust were rising from the spring farm equipment surging into the fields surrounding Franklin.

Beginning Wed., June 5, at 11 a.m. Jill Hobbs will be starting a fun and informative history activity for children at the museum. Hobbs is excited to cover topics such as pioneer foods, old-time music, and activities from the early days of Franklin. The hour-long summer adventure will encourage historical discoveries each Wednesday morning throughout the month of June.

Also on Wed., June 5, at 1 p.m. the Library in the Jail will open with games, reading logs, prizes, and bags for the weekly book exchange. This year’s theme is centered on our solar system, including anything and everything in space! Completed reading logs always earn a prize and are entered in the community prize drawing at the Larsen-Sant Library in Preston. Book titles recorded on our reading chain will earn a sucker. Families are welcome to bring children of all ages to participate in activities in the park, and leave after visiting the “dead man in the jail” clutching books to explore in one hand, and a treat in the other. Each Wednesday afternoon throughout the summer there will be a “universe of stories” at the jail.

Franklin Stake honored the graduating seniors with their annual dinner, Tues. May 14, at the Whitney church. Approximately 70 attendees enjoyed the barbecued pork, cheesy potatoes, coleslaw, and Creamies ice cream bars. Brennan Campbell spoke on “Staying on the Covenant Path,” and Bishop Jay Durtschi welcomed them in to the local singles branch. New mission assignments were announced by Javen Chatterton, Austin Dodge, and Ty Keller. 



The weekend of May 4-5 was a special one for the Randy and Susan Peterson family from the Clifton 2nd Ward.  Their grandson, Colt Kidman, was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Colt is the son of Curtis and Ashley Peterson Kidman. Also, the beautiful granddaughter of Randy and Susan, was blessed in church.  Her name is Gabriela LaVerla Caballero and she is the daughter of Cassie Peterson and Angel Caballero.  Little Gabby was named after her great-grandmother LaVerla Peterson who recently passed away.

Congratulations to Kaylie Love, daughter of Gene and Lisa of the Clifton 1st Ward, on her marriage May 4, to Bowdrie Ottley. We are excited for her!

The extended Ballif family – Dennis, Janeen, Jenny and Grandma Sara, along with Bob, Kelly, Matthew, Kori, Brenden, Ammon, and Addie – have recently returned from a trip to Yellowstone National Park. This has been a family tradition the last couple of years. They decided to go in the springtime this year because, apparently, a lot more wildlife are visible this time of the year. The Ballif family can always be counted on to host a fun event, and the food can’t be beat!

Judging from the bulging appearance of the huge dumpster by the city park, the recent Clifton City Cleanup was a big success.  It doesn’t look like anything more can be added.

The next week promises to be exciting around here as seminary graduation and high school graduation have arrived. More to come on that next week!

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