Weston approves business licenses

County commissioners and building inspector Randy Henrie presented their plan for a three-story 60X60 foot addition to the county courthouse at the May Weston City Council meeting. The goal is to make the building compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and address several serious security issues, such as prisoners mingling with the general public. 

There will be little to no changes to the front of the building only the back, the expansion will be into what is currently the parking lot. The goal is to make the new part blend in with the existing structure, said the county delegation.

They will be putting a 30-year bond for $2.9 million on the November ballot. Commissioners believe that with population growth the building could be paid off in as little as 15 years. They hope this bond will prevent them from having to cut into any of the other services the county provides.

The Weston City Council approved three business licenses for the following: Taci Balls and her website consulting business, Cliff Stokes and his business, and Travis Johnson and his construction business, Pro Force Construction. 

Purser also showed the council a preview of the city’s new website. She volunteered to run the site free of charge for one year. When she enquired about selling ad space on the site Mayor Garner was open to the idea in addition to a spot to recognize sponsors. The website will also handle registration for the city’s fun run and the sale of T-shirts on July 24.

Janie Vahsholtz is organizing a city-wide general cleanup set for May 18. This will include sidewalks and roadsides. Garbage bags will be provided and possibly a dumpster.

Mayor Garner is sending out letters to get sponsors for this year’s July 24 celebration. Janie requested a change in route for the parade this year. Instead of going North on 100 West the route will go south so that the parade finishes closer to where it began. Planners also want to block off that street to traffic for the full day. Suzanne Beckstead wants to update the city float. The council has yet to pick a grand marshal and Janie will have a vendor application packet for those who want to sell their stuff during the celebration.

As for an update on the water, there isn’t any. The decision on the hearing the city had with Jay Fonnesbeck has been moved back to May 17.

Carly Kirkbride is painting the city’s Merry-Go-Round for a project. At a conference for the Association of Idaho Cities Mayor Garner learned that under Idaho law, having an aggressive dog can now be a misdemeanor. The Cache Gran Fondo bike event has not formally applied for a permit.

The speedsters of Weston will have one more sign to worry about, the intersection of 100 East and 100 South is getting a four way stop sign.

The city has chosen to hire county building inspector Randy Henrie, all were in favor save Councilman Ryan Beckstead. The council has begun to draw up a contract and have invited him back next month.

Great news! The old city office building may be getting a facelift soon. Councilman Travis Johnson has drawn up plans for it. The council is hoping to have it done by this fall because winter is coming. During the construction the city may have to rent a storage shed to house city records. The hope is that Henrie can inspect the building.