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Snowfall arrived in Franklin County over the weekend when a storm parked over the valley and delivered much needed rain on the valley floors and snow in the mountains. Rain continued Monday and Tuesday, turning into more snow, some on the valley floors.

It was a really good storm, said Hank Povey, president of the Twin Lakes Canal Company. “It went into the ground, which will help fill up the profile of the soil. But things are still really dry. It was a start. This storm that is coming the next couple days sounds good. I hope we get some of it. We need some pretty good moisture to get some groundwater,” he said, Monday.

The Preston Junior High Weather Station measured 2.13 inches of precipitation over the weekend, an encouraging amount, said Janel Boehme, science teacher at the school. It measured .29 inches in September and 2.11 inches in August, she said.

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