■ Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, According to our Divinely inspired Constitution, the U.S. federal government is to have NO say, or actions, in health care, or in education in our public schools. These are matters reserved for the States and their communities. The people and the States created the Federal Government, not the other way around. The States have the power to nullify federal laws that go beyond the power granted by our Constitution!

The federal government’s interference and regulations created the problems in the first place, and it now controls most of the health care in our nation. We need free enterprise to be restored! In education, the new communist Green Religion, which is literally the ‘Old Red’, has taken over our schools and universities. They now brag, “We already have the next generation.”

Years ago in the 1950’s, the communist boasted, “We will take control of your media, your educational system, and your government, and we will feed you Socialism bit by bit, until one day you will wake up and find you are slaves to Communism.” They have done that. There are now one hundred communist in our federal House of Representatives and 25 in our Senate. Were we so busy with ‘other things’ that we did not even notice? Freedom is not free!

Many unconstitutional bills in Congress are constantly being passed, which, we the people, need to oppose, and should have opposed, and a few good ones we should, and should have supported. If we desire to try to yet make a difference, simply go to JBS.org. whose motto is “That freedom shall not perish,” and let your voice be heard and urge others to do likewise. Phone calls and/or letters to state and federal officials and to the President of our nation are also acceptable. Numbers found at JBS.org. Click on ‘Act Now’. 

Some urgent matters are: Oppose the ‘Equality Act’ which will actually give the government power to persecute all Christians and deny freedom of worship. Oppose the  USMCA (the United States, Mexico, Canada Alliance, a merger designed to destroy our sovereignty, and place us into the New World Order of Communist rule. Oppose any Constitutional Convention which is designed to destroy our present Constitution. Oppose our membership in The United Nation, stop funding it, bring all our Military back into the U.S. Uniform under our own control. Get our health care and schooling back into the hands of the States, which means our state’s Governors would have to be for America’s freedom. Have you ever asked any candidate running for federal or state positions what their stand is on the New World Order? Could you expect an honest answer? 

Lois Williams