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A sickness they say is sweeping the land,

Caused by something much smaller than a grain of sand.

They say we all should fear this new found virus,

So in our homes they isolate us.

“Distance yourselves from friends, family, and religion too!”

“With cloth and masks your faces subdue!”

No smiles, no hugs, and no acts of affection,

They say- “It’s for the good of all the nation.”

Our Flag bleeding red,

As the stars turn blue.

They close all our churches and small business too,

But cooperate America is “Essential” and open for you.

Then the rioting began in one great band,

Destroying the cities all across our land.

They burned “Old Glory” in all the streets,

Justified by many- “It’s in the name of peace!”

Our Flag bleeding red,

As the stars turn blue.

Through fraud and deceit they gave another man the government power,

A few elected stood strong - but most of them cowered.

Patriots spoke out but our voices they silenced,

Censored they claimed- “because truth leads to violence”.

Yet it is proper to teach our children to hate,

And to shame those who gather, de-mask, and won’t vaccinate?

Our Flag bleeding red,

As the stars turn blue.

Now here we stand in the brink of disaster,

But how can we loose with Jesus as our Master?

He will lead us down the long dusty road,

And soon we’ll surround the walls of our own Jericho.

We’ll shout and stomp and our trumpets we’ll raise,

“To God and the Lamb”-we’ll sing to Their praise!

Christ will deliver us and our freedoms renew,

And together we’ll set up the standard- THE RED, WHITE, AND BLUE!

David Sharp

Clifton, Idaho

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