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I dedicate this poem to the many patriots who’s words and thoughts were used in it’s text. Specifically I dedicate this to Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Francis Scott Key, Ezra Taft Benson, and the Author of Freedom- Jesus Christ. Without their inspiring words and love of freedom this poem would have been impossible.

David Sharp

Clifton, Idaho

Our freedom wasn’t free,

It was paid for long ago.

Bought with the blood of the men who fought,

against the “unconquerable foe”

Patriots as they now are called,

With liberty as their goal,

The victors of the battle they became-

because their “unconquerable souls!”

They did not stand there idle,

And wait for the chains that make a slave.

No, the fight was not for the strong alone; but for the vigilant, the active, and the brave.

They pledged their lives and their fortunes,

They pledged their sacred honor

Life and security and peace they loved,

but of freedom they were fonder

Freedom or slavery? One man asked,

Should be the subject of the debate.

Convinced if they did not act soon,

It soon would be too late.

And so it is in our country today,

Where are the unconquerable souls?

In the land of the free and the home of the brave,

Who’ll play the Patriot’s role?

This land was redeemed by the shedding of blood.

Now is the time for us to act!

For once our freedoms have been lost,

Only blood will win them back.

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