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Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, April 26, 1995

The development of a local BMX-sanctioned bicycle racing course was given tentative approval by the Preston City Council. Randy Roberts, a local resident who has been attempting to find a location for a BMX-sanctioned bicycle track for a number of months, received the green light to proceed with development plans at the south edge of the city’s industrial park.

There probably have been few high school referees who have taken it on the chin like Bryon Toone has. Bryon refereed games in Southeastern Idaho and at state tournaments for almost 20 years. He has been yelled at, berated, taunted and has had many a fist shaken at him. There have even been some who have come away from a game insisting that their team lost because of the refereeing, Bryon Toone’s refereeing ... The next time we yell at a ref, we hope we catch ourselves.

Every year we experience power outages from trash fires set under power lines. And it’s a burning shame. Please check and make certain that any burning you do is a good distance from power lines. We thank you. And your neighbors will thank you as well. — Utah Power

For the last 35 years Boyd Weeks has been shoeing horses. It’s a skill he learned from his father. It’s also a skill Brent Schvaneveldt learned from his father. He has been shoeing horses for 13 years. “If a horse is not shod,” Weeks said, ”they will get going down the road and get tenderfooted.”

50 Years Ago, April 30, 1970

The girls from West Side attended ISU Sports Day. The archery team placed first and the badminton singles and doubles placed third. The softball team won one game and lost one, so did not place.

When President Nixon created an Environmental Quality Council the public reaction was “ho-hum.” Now, however, with a silent and almost unnoticed stoke of his pen the President has converted this study group into an active federal agency with the authority to issue orders and the muscle to enforce them. — Paul Harvey

The wife you save may be your own. — For Mother’s Day — Give Mom years of more free time with a portable KitchenAid Dishwasher. The dishwasher that’s ready to work the moment you want to give up hand dishwashing. Just hook it to the sink and plug it in. No installation bother. No installation costs. Mother’s Day Prices ... $198.88 — U & I Furniture Co.

Your AG 30th Anniversary Sale at Milo’s AG Grocery — Tomatoes, red, ripe slicers, $.15/lb.; Layer Cake Mix, Duncan Hines, 3 for $1; Round Steak, boneless, tenderized, $.98/lb.; Picnic Ham, pre-sliced, $.51/lb.; Wilderness Cherry Pie Filling, $.43/can; Chiffon pies, strawberry and pineapple, $.49 — Grand Prize! One Year’s supply of groceries... The winner will receive a gift certificate of $125 each month for one year.

New wage rates for sugar beet workers, with increases in hourly and piecework rate, announced by the Franklin County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation committee. Workers employed on a time basis must be paid not less than $1.75 per hour for the hand labor operation of thinning, hoeing, hoe-trimming, blocking and thinning, weeding, pulling, topping, loading, or gleaning.

75 Years Ago, May 3, 1945

City and county officials, church leaders, school, civic and service club heads have set the plans for a county-wide VE Day (Allied Victory in Europe) in Franklin County that will revere the more sober and sacred realities of our victory over the most heinous foe the forces of justice and right have ever faced in the history of human conflict.

Housewives will receive only 15 pounds of canning sugar per person this season, instead of the 20 pounds previously announced. The reduction is in line with a 25 percent cut in all sugar rations, announced in Washington.

After the exchange of numerous telegrams, arrangements were made and a brief furlough granted S/Sgt Arnold Auger to allow him to visit at home with his brother, Bill Auger, EM2/c, whom he had not seen for nearly four years. They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Auger of Preston.

Fire from an unknown origin destroyed the two-story brick farm home of Alma Morrison Sr. Douglas Oliverson was passing and noticed a blaze on the roof, ran in and told the folks. Had there been a good water system the fire could have been extinguished as people gathered fast, but being no water, all that could be done was to get the household things out. The roof soon began to fall in so it was impossible to get everything from the upper story.

100 Years Ago, April 19, 1920

Just where and how is the money to be spent? Thirty denominations cooperating in the Interchurch World Movement have budgeted their needs. No business could have done it more scientifically. They united to prevent the possibility of duplication or waste. At least a million dollars will be saved by the fact that 30 individual campaigns are joined in one united effort... Every dollar for a better America and a better world. When your church calls on you give — give with your heart as well as your pocket-book. The Interchurch World Movement of North America.

A final word to those who will vote for bonds which the city fathers are offering for the suffrage of the people. The water question in this city has been a serious one for years. Last season it was so serious that we paid Lewiston, Utah, during two of the worst months of the year, something like $1,500 for the service. A most expensive proposition, and one, if continued, would have bankrupted the city.

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