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Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, August 24, 1994

According to the state legislature Idaho schools need to get with the times. They have offered a grant to any school district that comes up with a plan on how to integrate technology into their regular curriculum.

A variety of events kept young and old alike busy in the Fair this year. Three hundred and fifty trout, ranging from a half pound to three pounds were provided by Star Valley Trout Farm. Hundreds of people gathered around a huge rubber pond and coached either their children or their parents to dive in.

West Side School District will not accept students from outside the district for the coming school year. Trustees were approached by several parents (from outlying areas) about this possibility.

The Franklin County Medical Center approved the purchase of a new telephone system, to replace the old system which Monte Olsen, maintenance supervisor, said was outdated, making it difficult to find replacement parts. The system is 10 years old.

Construction on Clifton’s new water tank was begun recently and is expected to be completed within 10 days, said Mayor Paul Winward. The 300,000 gallon tank is being constructed near Clifton’s existing tanks. As soon as crews finish pouring the side walls, connecting pipes will be installed.

The returning state champs are back in training camp and are ready for the upcoming season at Preston High School. “We’re really excited about team speed,” said Coach Marv Majerus. “Compared to last year’s team which had about 15 players with under a five second 40 yard dash, this year’s team has 23 players.”

50 Years Ago, August 28, 1969

One of the many springs that feed into Cub River has a pipe shoved right down its throat and during some of the months it could almost disappear . . . right into the pipe. The spring is called Bergquist Spring, one of the most beautiful mountain fed springs in Cub River Canyon. From the pipe, Preston could get a more abundant water supply. If the present plan is developed the pipe could capture about twice as much water as the city is getting now.

Camper and Pickup outfit, 1968 International pickup, 3/4 ton, heavy duty, with 10 1/2 foot Nampa Chief camper- sold for $5,100. Our price, today only, $3,495. — West Motor Co.

The Preston High School Indians will meet the West Side Pirates in the first football game of the season for both teams. Both coaches, Ivan Davis and Ronald Campbell, feel like their teams are ready.

U.S. Air Force Major Robert H. Kjar, son of Mr. an Mrs. J. N. Kjar of Preston, has been decorated with the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service when engaged in military operations against Viet Cong forces.

Join a League — Winter Leagues now forming — League play starts Sept 2 – Open Bowling any time lanes are available. — Pop N’ Pin Lanes

75 Years Ago, August 31, 1944

A fire which originated at the City dump grounds, spread to the adjoining fields west of Preston during the brisk spell of wind from the north. Although many volunteers gathered with shovels in an attempt to extinguish the flames they spread over some 120 acres of ground, destroying an entire field of rye and part of a field of grain on the Howard Hall farm.

In a school as large as our Preston High School where students have free access to library books, it is inevitable that some should be lost. At the close of school last spring it was found that some 30 titles failed to return. If any of these are in your home the school would greatly appreciate them finding their way back to the library.

Don’t waste paper! Food, blood plasma and shells are all paper-boxed! Many plane parts, helmet linings and camouflage strips are made directly from paper! ... 700,000 products needed at the front are either wrapped or made with paper! More and more, paper has become important to victory. This year there’s a shortage of paper pulp, and scrap paper has become one of our most critical war materials. Let’s help raise it.

100 Years Ago, August 28, 1919

Farmers are being told to hold their wheat as in a few weeks higher prices would be obtained. Today the buyers are paying $2 and $2.10. It is currently reported that prices will go much higher.

A few months ago Amalgamated Sugar Company took over the Oneida Irrigation project promising farmers under that system the immediate expenditure of three-quarters of a million dollars upon the canal and its reservoirs and laterals in order to insure them an adequate water supply for the growing of farm crops. Although many farmers were skeptical they entered into the agreement as a bad way out of a bad position. Long live the sugar company. Though we know their work is not for charitable purposes altogether, though we know they have their private axe to grind, we say, let them grind, so long as they have saved a community. For saved us they have, without a doubt as the system was inadequate.

Automobile owners and drivers of Preston and Franklin County may obtain a free copy of the Rules of the Road by calling on any of the following places of business: Gem State Auto, W. R. Sant, Wilford Hotel, Preston Steam Laundry, Peterson Jeweler, Main Café, Mrs. Struve, A. Saxton & Co, Preston Plumbing Shop, Pack Auto Co., Clayton Co., W. A. Irwin, Preston Livery, Preston Furniture Co.

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