Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, February 8, 1995

Congress, for all its good intentions, is not yet able to save money as fast as President Bill Clinton can give it away. Clinton is going to gamble 40 billion of your dollars to support the bankrupt economy of Mexico, and promises Mexico’s President that there’s “more where this came from.” . . Canada has not yet come to Washington, hat in hand, but that could be next. — Paul Harvey

A species of the weasel family, absent from forests of Franklin County for over 50 years, has been reintroduced to the area thanks to the help of Franklin resident, David Hawkes, a member of the Idaho Trappers Association.

Bret Rasmussen not only knows how to sell snowmobiles, he knows how to ride them. He won the highest amount of purse money and cleared the hill with the fasted clocked speed. The annual hill climb drew 274 racers from across Canada and the United States.

Blair Gregersen, working for Fackrell Construction, trimmed up a window frame after removing the glass in preparation to retrofit the high school windows. Boards protect the completed bottom windows and plastic keeps glass shards from flying. Hansen Glass is installing the new windows.

An assisted-living facility in Preston is nearing completion and should be ready to house occupants in mid-February. The building is designed to house 14 residents, according to Bryon Martin, who is the owner and will act as the general manager of the operation.

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Preston’s Lady Indians will begin the Idaho State Basketball tournament against Bishop Kelley at Meridian High School. “We completed our goal of winning district championship and feel really happy about it,” said Coach Sessions.

50 Years Ago, February 12, 1970

Preston Merchants will celebrate Washington’s Birthday again with cherry pies and bargains. Merchants will give cherry pies with purchases in the stores. The pies will be made by Preston bakeries.

Dr. Orson Bowler states that there were several advantages to the “school reorganization” program that will be put in place next year. Under the program the seventh and eighth grade students will be taken out of the high school and put in a “middle school” in Jefferson school with the sixth graders. This will alleviate the crowded conditions in the high school, give all teachers a “home” room, and will permit flexible independent scheduling that is planned for high school next year. This will also take the younger grades away from older students.

Thedford Roper of Preston, was re-elected president of the Cache Valley Dairy Association during the annual meeting in Smithfield.

Some 14 juveniles were arrested by city police recently on charges of shoplifting. All 14 were put on probation for 30 days, made to pay for the merchandise stolen and required to keep a detailed account of their activities during the 30 day period.

The Cache Valley Chariot and Cutter Association championship could be decided this week when Boyd Weeks and Ron Keller meet for the second time this winter.

75 Years Ago, February 15, 1945

The painting project of the Clifton ward chapel which has been underway since November, was at last completed. With the cooperation of ward members, nearly 200 gallons of paint were used.

The spring thaw followed by rain and sleet precipitation of the past month has upset some of the moisture structure which normally falls in the county. If the thaws do not run off completely from the low-lands, a considerable amount of this moisture may seep through the undersoils, however upper grain lands are not collecting any runoff. Most wheat planted last fall is exposed without any snow coverage and this may affect maturity of the seeds.

“Bring me some cold porridge,” said the soldier to the waitress. “Burn some toast to a cinder.” He added. “Fry two bad eggs and serve them on a dirty plate. Make the coffee so that it tastes like mud, and bring it in a cracked cup so that it drips down my chin when I drink it. When you have done all that, sit down and nag me — I’m homesick.”

The annual Fifth South Subdistrict basketball tournament will be held at Arimo. There will be seven sessions with seven teams of this district participating, with Franklin and Weston entered from this county.

100 Years Ago, February 12, 1920

Four gamblers were taken into custody by Sheriff Beckstead and Marshal Winger Tuesday night. Each put up $100 cash bond, and forfeited the same.

Now is the time to begin to figure on your spring painting and calcimining, all tints and colors. W.W. & M. Co.

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