Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, February 1, 1995

Three cloud-seeding generators are being used in Franklin County to help increase the snowpack in nearby mountains and mitigate the effects of eight years of below-normal precipitation. Last fall five counties joined forces in the cloud-seeding effort that utilize silver iodide crystals as a catalyst to form water droplets.

Turn off O. J. and turn on to Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird.” While it is being billed as the “trial of the century,” you have to admit that the O. J. Simpson trial is slow moving and the TV coverage repetitive at best. Not so with “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

All sheep and lamb inventory in Idaho on Jan 1, 1995 totaled 270,000 head, up two percent from last year, according to the Idaho Agricultural Statistics Service.

Our nation’s misleaders, in recent generations, appear to have given up on us. Instead of demanding and enforcing discipline in our own country we have deferred to the rights of wrongdoers. Yet, in company with the United Nations — or unilaterally — we chase around the world trying to right the wrongs of others. We are choking off our own nation’s oil reserves with expensive environmental litigation, while we import from other countries more than half of all the oil we use. And then, we bewail the imbalance in our nation’s trade. Paul Harvey

People have sued companies and individuals for huge amounts of money for some dumb things, and some legitimate reasons. We asked readers if they felt people were too quick to go to court. Responses: Yes. They don’t check things out or talk about it. Everyone just says,” I’m going to court;” Some people don’t think of the other side; I think there should be a panel before the case goes to court and that panel should decide if it is legitimate.

50 Years Ago, February 5, 1970

The next to the last step before the old Third Ward church house “comes down” will be taken when the members of the ward auction off the contents of the building and then have a box supper in the shell that’s left.

The overall water picture in the area is now about 99 percent of normal. Valley rain and heavy snow in the mountains have put January 77 percent above normal precipitation.

The gayety and color of Scotland are brought back to life in dance and song as Preston High presents Brigadoon. It is said that there is a special charm which draws people to Scotland.

The second annual dog sled race, sponsored by Konganark Mushers Dog Sledding club, will be held in Weston canyon, a mile north of Weston reservoir.

Herm Henderson, Dayton, tipped his milk truck over in front of the bowling alley in Preston, and before it was over milk cans were all over the place. The truck van was damaged on one side. Empty milk cans fell out when the truck was set up on its wheels.

Preston has an excellent library. Have you taken advantage of it recently? This Library is for you. Why not get in the habit of visiting it often?

75 Years Ago, February 8, 1945

After two long years, word has finally reached relatives of Pfc. Don Newbold, 24, from Osaka prisoner-of-war camp in Japan telling them that he is in good health and working every day. Taken prisoner during the early part of the war, Pfc. Newbold has been held by the Japs for more than three years and the family had grown very anxious over his welfare. The letter was dated August 7, 1944.

Vaccination of all female cattle in Franklin County between the ages of 4 and 8 months got under way this week with 145 heifers being vaccinated in the Mink Creek and Glencoe districts. The treatment will eventually eradicate Bangs disease in this county.

With the 7th Inf. Div. on Leyte, Philippines Islands. -This business of making your own choice as to who is going to shoot you out of the air has a strangely edifying effect on the men who pilot the “low and slow” Piper observation cubs over enemy lines. Unlike the plodding, land bound infantrymen, who have only the front to choose, the Piper pilots can hover over enemy lines and get shot at, or, to relieve the tedium, scoot back to their own area and get tangled up in another barrage. -Lt. Jack Berrett, Linrose

100 Years Ago, February 5, 1920

From what we can gather, but a very few cases of influenza is prevalent in this city and if we follow advice to avoid overcrowding and overeating, we should be able to weather the present epidemic.

A fire occurred at the home of Chester Peyton in Second Ward early Wednesday morning from an unknown cause. The engine whistle and siren woke up the neighborhood about 2:45 am. At the time the mother and three children were asleep in the house, and it was fully ablaze before they woke up. Practically nothing was saved. Mr. Peyton is working in Twin Falls. Here is a chance for the subscriptions artists to get busy and help them out.

The roof of the home of Attorney A. W. Hart was burned, Wednesday afternoon. The damage was not very large. Good work was done by the bucket brigade, and at both fires, had conditions been propitious more might have been done. The city fire boys are to be commended for getting out at the call of the siren.

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