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Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, June 21,1995

In July, 1908, the United Order of the Elks Lodge originated Flag Day to honor this symbol of the United States. Each year, on June 14, members of the Elks Lodge across the nation display the American flag and hold a Flag Day celebration.

The cool, rainy spring has helped wheat and barley and dry land farmers are saying this year’s harvest may be one of the best in recent years because of ample moisture. But irrigated hay, corn and potatoes most likely will be impacted by the weather. Warmer and drier weather is really needed to help these crops.

One of the by-products of economic expansion is a rapid increase in the value of residential property. As more people move into an area, both existing and new homes sell for more money.

Matt Egley, son of Kent and Renae, practiced on the BMX race course, prior to the BMX race held this past Friday. Matt, 16, took third place during races held in Bear Lake recently. The race held Friday was the first for Preston, said Randy Roberts, organizer.

Since 1967 Earl Baird, Dayton, has been doing nails — not for humans, but for dairy cows. Baird first became interested in hoof trimming when working for a major dairy farm in Arizona. After six months of initial training, Baird decided to become a full-time hoof trimmer and has been doing it since. He uses an electric grinder especially designed to do the job.

Ice Cream Month follows Dairy Month but Americans love ice cream all year long. Ninety-eight percent of us consume an average of 23.5 quarts of ice cream annually.

50 Years Ago, June 25, 1970

The next generation of school children in Franklin county may be brought up under a completely different system of weights and measures than is now being used. Instead of inches, feet, gallons and pounds, they would be using such terms as centimeters, meters, liters and grams — the metric system.

Glenda Griffeth, Preston, was eligible to go to the National High School Rodeo finals in North Dakota after winning the barrel racing in the state championships in Burley. She also placed third in the pole bending. About 400 high school students competed.

Americans are not free, were never intended to be. You are not free to park in front of my fire hydrant. As Justice Homes said, ”You are not free to shout fire in a crowded theater.” We are free to do what we’d ought, not necessarily what we want. “Your freedom ends where my nose begins.” — Paul Harvey

A 16-year old boy was cited for failure to wear a helmet while on a motorcycle. The boy, Kevin Moser and John Dalley, 17, both of Dayton, were injured when the cycle Kevin was driving ran head-on into a car driven by Warren Hutchins, Preston. John, who was wearing a helmet, was thrown over the top of the cycle and hit head first on the hood of the car.

A small girl was rescued from the Downata pool during summer swimming lessons by one of the spectators. Anna Schwartz of Dayton was watching children swimming in the pool and noticed a little girl on the bottom. She ran from the visitors section of the pool and dove in with her clothes on and pulled the girl out. The lifeguards were at the other end of the pool teaching swimming.

75 Years Ago, June 28, 1945

Lightning struck the Lynn Hawkes residence on East Oneida when the bolt hit electric light wires joining the rear garage. Many light switches in the house as well as much of the wall paper were burned out and seared.

“We were hit by flak over Munich, just before our bomb load was dropped,” explained S/Sgt John B. Martin, when asked of his last mission over Germany and his subsequent capture by the Nazis. “The plane exploded and it was every man for himself.” Martin supposed himself to be the only survivor of the crew until he was taken prisoner, when he met two other men from the ship.

No sugar has been allocated for the manufacture of alcoholic beverages, states a joint announcement issued by the Office of Price Administration, the War Food Administration and the War Production board.

B. F. Goodrich Silvertown — If you must have a new tire, get this — it’s 3 years ahead of all others. $15.20, plus excise tax — O. K. Tire Shop

100 Years Ago, June 24, 1920

Once more farmers of Whitney have shown their progressiveness. Always in line for modern conveniences and up-to-date methods of conducting their business they were not slow to appreciate the value of the silo as an aid to better farming. Four of these “pillar o’ progress” have been erected in Whitney this year by George T. Benson, F. A. Ballif, A. C. Hull and Leroy Hull.

Now that our streets are paved we must have an up-to-date street flusher, a good investment for the city to make. With a street flusher we could keep the streets not only clean but could keep dust from out the stores. We would have a spotless town. When the streets were flushed caked mud that had accumulated during winter was cleared off.

Plans are being formed for the erection of a sugar factory for the year 1921. A meeting was held of all the sugar interests of the county with the idea in view of meeting together on one common ground and burying all differences, if any are now present. We have received the assurance that everything possible will be done to bring about a co-operative feeling among the people.

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