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Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, March 20, 1996

Volunteers will man a site where county residents will be able to bring in paints, used motor oil and antifreeze that otherwise may have been thrown, untreated, into the garbage. This event will be limited to items that pose limited threat to the people who handle them and can be disposed of cost effectively. Paints will be poured onto sheets of plastic with soil over the top and allowed to dry before going to their final resting place. Used motor oil will be made available for use in space heaters and antifreeze will be sent to be recycled.

Snow turned to rain and warm temperatures combined to leave a lot of standing water across the county fields last week. Ducks, geese and seagulls are just a few of the feathered population that have taken advantage of the wet weather to take a dip and catch a meal.

The West Side Alumni team of graduates from the classes of ’78 – ’80 garnered their fourth championship of the West Side Alumni Tournament.

FCMC offers a ‘push button help’ plan. For many people, living alone brings with it a number of dangers and worries. There’s constant fear of falling, having a stroke or heart attack, or suffering any number of injuries without being able to call for help. ...According to Murial Garvis, director of home care of FCMC, the hospital recommends the emergency response system to anyone who has had problems falling or is subject to stokes, heart attack or similar emergencies.

50 Years Ago, March 25, 1971

Central dispatching service is in operation. All phones and buttons necessary for the new dispatching service for the Franklin County Sheriff’s office, Preston City Police and Preston Fire Department have been installed. Dispatchers include Eva Merrill, deputy sheriff, who takes care of daily calls, Ethel Johnson and Dean Lloyd who take care of evening and night calls, and Jim Christensen, Ralph Cole and Katherine Johnson.

Russell Duane, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Duane of Winder, and Jan Atkinson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max Atkinson of Franklin received excellent ratings at the state declamation festival in Rupert. Russell recited uncopyrighted original poetry and gave a prose manuscript reading. They qualified for state from the district and regional meetings. Others who went to region included Kris Gleason, Terry Rumsey and Peggy Cole.

“Mystery Personality,” a contest about your friends or neighbors, with clues in the ads of merchants throughout the county is a weekly discovery. The Mystery Personality last week was William Peter Shumway, age 90, of Preston. Velma Ransom won the $80.50 drawing this week, but did not get the jackpot by missing one clue.

The appointment of Wendell Gailey, deputy sheriff, as a state patrolman, was announced this week. County commissioners approved hiring Mike McKenzie, city patrolman, to succeed him.

75 Years Ago, March 28, 1946

Two Leyte battle heroes were honored here (Korea) today when an American Red Cross club was dedicated to them in a solemn ceremony directed by the Commander of the Seventeenth Infantry Regiment. Before 300 soldiers and Koreans, he unveiled the gold-painted plaque of the “Thornson-Brostrom club” named after the late Private First Class John F. Thorson, Jr., of Armstrong, IA, and Leonard C. Brostrom of Preston, ID, who was awarded the congressional Medal of Honor for the action.

Effective in April at the Isis and Grand theatres will be a price charge for patrons. The Isis charge will be $.35 for matinees and $.40 for evenings for adults, $.14 to children all the time. The admission at the Grand will be $.50 to adults for evenings, $.40 for matinees, and children, $.14 all the time.

Preston wins State Basketball Championship at Pocatello. (See Developing Town column page 3.)

Former servicemen whose lapel button has been lost, destroyed or damaged may replace their lapel button by applying to the army recruiting office, located at the chamber of commerce in the Security Bank building.

Housecleaning Sale: Clorox — Quart Bottle, $.15; Old Dutch Cleanser, $.07/ can; Palmolive Soap — 3 regular bars/$.19; Mop Sticks – strong, each $.21; Brooms — Best Parlor, each, $1.19; SOS Pad, each $.15; Super Suds, Large Pkg. $.25.

100 Years Ago, March 23, 1921

Though life is made up of mere bubbles — ‘tis better than many aver; for while we’ve a whole lot of troubles — the most of them never occur.

The indoor track meet in the Nielsen Gymnasium was a very interesting and successful affair. One of the principal features was the high jump by Coach Larsen, who scaled the pole at 6 ft. 4 inches, 2 inches better than the indoor record. A good exhibition of bar and tumbling was given by Prof. Robbins. This was the first inter-class contest of the school and was won by the Juniors with the Seniors second.

Vernal Smith, winner of second place in the cross-country run at Salt Lake last year, easily took all the long races. Campbell, Swainston and Cutler showed up well in the other events.

Dr. A. R. Cutler, Jr., performed an operation on the ear of Mr. P. H. Monson, who had been deaf in one ear for two years. Other doctors had tried to remove the deafness and failed. Dr. Cutler found embedded in the ear drum a piece of slate pencil about one half inch in length. Now Parley can hear as well as ever.

A sum of $7,500 has been allotted by the Government to Franklin County with which to buy seed grain, according to information given by County Agent Powell. The Secretary of Agriculture is authorized to make loans for the purchase of seed wheat, oats, barley, and flax to farmers in drouth stricken areas where he shall find special need exists.

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