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Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years. Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago: November 13, 1996

A special Veteran’s Day program, organized by the gifted/talented students and directed by Martin Sorge, was presented to Oakwood students and the second grade. Tony Crockett and Jay Kofoed, of the Alpha Battery 1-148, Preston Nation Guard, were on hand to present and retire both the state and national flags. Taps was played by Joshua Rich on his trumpet.

• It is Festival of Lights time in Preston City, crews are on schedule, putting up kissing rings, cords and garlands and committees have organized several events for the annual two-day festival following Thanksgiving day.

• The roof of Vicky Hausey’s garage was cremated when electrical wires in the building shorted and caught fire, said firefighter Scott Martin. Damages were estimated at between $8,000 and $10,000. She lost her vehicle, but no one was injured.

• There is growth in population everywhere. We see it from Salt Lake to Preston. Farm ground is being sold for housing development or business.We asked people “How will this growth affect future food and water availability?” Responses: “I don’t think enough thought has been given to the consequences of the growth;” “Food production will go down, but the water will depend on how much rainfall we get;” “If it’s properly controlled we can handle the growth. If it is not done haphazardly we will be fine;” “I think they should limit the expansion of housing.”

• He’s back. Music man Tom Nelson is back teaching at Preston High. He taught band at PHS for eight years. He tried to retire twice before he actually did last spring. Now instead of conducting wind instruments he’s teaching a stringed instrument program at Preston High two days a week before school. The new, 12-student orchestra is the first improvement to the Preston High arts program since the Bright endowment was made earlier this year. This is the first orchestra at Preston High in 33 years, said Principal Al Koch. The idea for the class came from the students themselves. “I was approached by 10 students willing to come in the mornings.”

50 Years Ago: November 18, 1971

Preston City’s water storage tank, located on Glendale road, will be superseded by a one-million gallon tank to be installed in the spring. There were originally three tanks on this hill, but two were damaged when wet weather caused slides a few years ago, leaving an inadequate storage system for the city.

• An international experience is being planned through the 4H program for Idahoans in August, 1972 when Idaho will host some 90 Japanese youths 13 to 17 years of age and 10 adult chaperones.

• Santa will come to town in the basket of a Utah Power and Light truck to turn the Christmas lights on and treat the children. Santa will throw the switch in front of OP Skaggs on South State Street, turning on all the downtown lights. The truck will take Santa down State street and make stops wherever groups of children may be gathered, visiting with the boys and girls from above and tossing treats to them. In this way all the children will be able to see him, where in previous years some youngsters were never able to get close to the jolly fat man because of crowds around him.

• It won’t be long until the motorist will see new signs along the side of the road – traffic control signs – and a heavier use of yellow down the center road. The signs, our first impression is to ask “Why?” And to the yellow our first impression is to ask “How come it took so long?”

75 Years Ago: November 21, 1946

One of Preston’s new industries is now functioning with considerable future believed in store for its development. The enterprise is known as the Preston Mortarless Block Company and it is located on West Oneida Street. It is owned and operated by William Turner and his two sons Deverl and Gale, Knewell Cooper and Owen Andreasen. They are working full time in the production of these blocks which are made from white pumice which is mined from deposits near Idaho Falls and cement.

• Three runaway boys from Idaho Falls were taken into custody by Preston officers when they were found attempting to steal gas for their automobile. The boys were 13, 14 and 16 years of age. Investigation showed that the juveniles had stolen the Graham Paige automobile from Pocatello while other articles in their possession had been taken from other cars along their route.

• David McClun, Preston, and Alice Adams, Cleveland, are among the 22 Idaho state 4-H club members who have been given all-expense trips to the National 4-H club congress being held at Chicago in December, by virtue of having completed outstanding achievement in club work.

100 Years Ago: November 16, 1921

The American Legion boys did themselves proud on Armistice Day when they fulfilled their part towards commemorating the great day when the toesin (ringing of alarm bells) of war ceased to be heard on the Allied Front.

• It is reported that Jack Ollinger and Bill McIvor have purchased the U. S. Cafe. These gentlemen, it will be remembered, were rated among the top notch players of the Valley league, and they undoubtedly will run a first class place.

• The disarmament conference is the most momentous event that has happened in the history of the world. The eyes of all nations are glancing toward America watching the great leaders as they outline and discuss the future standing of the nations.

• The Post Office always needs your assistance, but in one particular especially, just at this time. During the holidays season large quantities of very small envelopes and cards are put into the mail with the result that all postal work is very much retarded and mail disfigured and mutilated.

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