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Highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years. Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago: November 20, 1996

• Local residents may be rubbing their eyes in unbelief in the next few days if they see large, pink birds flying along the Bear River and in the northern end of the county near Swan Lake … So far 34 of the birds, with a wing span of almost eight feet, have been released at selected sites in Franklin County. .. Tom Lucia, local fish and game conservation officer, said they have been dyed pink to make them easy for people and fish and game biologists to track over the next several months.

• The new Idaho State Women’s Bowling president is Franklin County resident Saundra Hubbard. Hubbard has been bowling for 39 years, she said, and has served as the first vice president since 1986.

• The high school gathered 4,000 items for holiday cheer. “I am amazed at how much the kids were able to raise,” said Dennis Jensen, leading knight of the Elks lodge. “They went way over their goal of 1,500 by collecting 4,000 cans of food. This will really help our program. Last year we delivered 181 baskets to families.” The Elks lodge is also in charge of the Angel Tree.

• As if there wasn’t enough water falling from the skies, a four-inch main sprung a leak across from the Polar Bear on State Street, and released more water on the roadway. City crews had it fixed by night fall.

50 Years Ago: November 25, 1971

• The receiving yard at Del Monte corporation was full to overflowing this week as cabbages were piled high, waiting to be processed into sauerkraut. This year’s cabbage harvest is going into the last stages.

• One of the major transmission junctions on the Utah Power & Light system is Treasureton substation, located near Highway 34 at Treasureton. 644,000 volts can be transmitted through lines going in and coming out of this substation. The sub-station was first energized in 1961. It is well-lighted, and visible for miles at night. From a distance travelers might think they are passing near a small town, judging from the glow emitted.

• Two Preston football players were picked for the second team in an All-Star Football Roster made up of teams in the Southeastern Idaho Conference and five more received honorable mention. Guard Richard Knapp and Tackle Eric Larsen were placed on the second team. Receiving honorable mention were Kelly Bowles, Jeff Allred, Kevin Keller, Stan Norton and Lee Christensen.

• Franklin county showed a total of 732 farms in the 1969 Census of Agriculture, according to figures released by the U. S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of the Census. In the last previous Census of Agriculture (1964) the number of farms reported in the county was 796.

• A Christmas gift to the community is the 40-foot evergreen from Paul Greaves’ back yard. Gold decorations with colored tinsel and multi-colored chains were made by children from Central, Whitney and Franklin elementary schools for the tree this year.

75 Years Ago: November 28, 1946

• Increased activity this year at the Franklin County Canning Center which closed on Nov 15, brought a record number of 70,000 cans of produce processed from July 9 to the closing day; This is nearly double last year’s run and three times the amount processed in 1944.

• Cars are being ransacked even after owners have placed them in their garages for the night, warns Sheriff Lee Hansen, and suggests that owners not only lock the garage doors, but also the doors of the cars before leaving them for the night. A wave of pilfering seem to have struck the community , and ten cases were reported at the office last week.

• Ladies Fancy Aprons, The ideal gift. See them now! They won’t last! Organdy, Swiss percale with lace, rickrack and chenille trims. $.50 — $. 95 — $1.50 — $1.95. — Greaves Style Shop

• Rustle your bustle and come on out to Egypt for the Gay-nineties reviews, Nov 29 at 8 in the ward chapel.

• Ray C. Condie who was a Captain in the air corps during the war, received word recently from Washington D. C. of the promotion from Captain to Major in the army air corps reserve. Mr. Condie was among the first to graduate after war was declared. He received his wings one month after the Pearl Harbor disaster.

100 Years Ago: November 23, 1921

• Oneida Academy basketeers played Logan High at Logan and in a hard fought game lost to the Temple city aggregation by the score of 46 to 18.

• In many cities rents are still being advanced, and apartments have been advanced from $10 to $40 a month. The rent of flats jumped up from $25 to $50 a month over night and it seems to be a continuous movement.

• Sheriff Beckstead went to Salt Lake City last week to get a couple of blacks, who it is alleged forged some checks here, but they had the start on him and got out of Salt Lake before he got there.

• Is the business of farming going to progress and be placed upon the same plane as other business or it is going to retrograde? Is the hand which has fed and nurtured the nation to compete with the coolie and the serf? Is the farmer going to remain trodden under the heels of organized business or meet such organization on an equal basis? Is the food supply of our nation going to be produced by a peasantry or by an educated and thoughtful husbandry? This is a critical moment.

• Military Mary – In days of old the Knights were bold, but we’ve advanced since then – And some folks say the maids today are Just As Bold as Men!

• A Big Drop in Jello – 2 packages for $.25. – The Genesee Pure Food Company

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