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Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, November 23, 1994

Hunting enthusiasts will have a new opportunity to bring out their shotguns this spring thanks to the success of an on-going turkey transplant program that introduced birds to the area the past two winters.

Estelle Smith and Carl Hoffman were named the Idaho Festival of Lights Queen and Lamplighter during the annual Lamplighter Pageant. Mayor Walter Ross named Smith and Hoffman as two who have “lightened the life of others in the community.”

Taking the state championship must have injected an extra portion of adrenalin into Indian cross-country runners Steve Kindred and Todd Campbell. They entered a 10K race in Logan, the First Dam run, and not only placed at the top, but Kindred took first place overall. Campbell placed 14th overall and third in the 15-19 age group.

Students at Preston High School recently returned from Washington, D.C. with the Close-Up Government class program. What impressed them most? Arlington Cemetery and Vietnam Wall. They represent loyalty to our country.; The fact of being there, the atmosphere was great. I was excited about everything and loved every minute.; The pride in our heritage, and the work and efforts the fathers of our country went to to establish our rights. I enjoyed seeing Williamsburg, Carters Grove and other Colonial American stuff.

A donation program to raise money to defray the costs of installing bleachers at a new West Side High School gymnasium was approved by trustees. “Bud Elwell has agreed to donate $25,000 towards the cost of bleachers designed to seat 1,200. We anticipate bleachers will cost $100,000. Elwell has pledged a second $25,000 for the project if the district can raise $50,000” said Supt. Beutler.

50 Years Ago, November 27, 1969

Crowds packed into one of Preston’s oldest businesses for a “liquidation” sale. Mrs. Elda Carlson, who sold her home in Preston earlier, and is now living in Brigham City, is closing the business. Carlson’s Furniture began business 82 years ago in Preston as Lundstsrom Furniture, owned by the same family that owns Lundstsrom Furniture in Logan.

Two fires were put out in the Preston garbage truck, caused by hot clinkers that were dumped into the truck. The fires brought an appeal from the fire department to persons placing garbage out to not set out hot clinkers. Many times the outside of the cans will cool and it is impossible to tell they are hot until after they are dumped.

A Franklin county teenager who ‘sniffed glue’ for three years, appealed to others not to get into the habit of glue and dope. He said that he spent more than four months in the Blackfoot hospital because of his habit and it cost more than $2,400.

Preston High School Athletic Boosters club is tackling a $5,300 program to light the high school football field. To help raise funds, the athletic department is offering a life-time pass to football games to people who donate $100.

75 Years Ago, November 30, 1944

“Unless those districts and groups of water users who are now enjoying a surplus of water which is not being used, get busy and convert this extra water into fulfilling their own needs and use it advantageously as such, someone else will get these surplus waters,” exclaimed I. H. Nash before the chamber of commerce as he made a report of his attendance at the national reclamation convention in Denver.

The reseeding of 800 acres of land belonging to A. C. Hull Sr. of Whitney by airplane has been completed with successful results. A plane from the local airport with 1,200 pounds of adapted grass and legume seed broadcast over these 800 acres in two hours and 20 minutes. Phillip West, pilot and instructor at the airport, with special equipment, did the planting.

The French sense of humor seems quite like that of the American soldier. The story is told that a US colonel engaged a citizen of Normandy in conversation. When the colonel asked him how he liked Americans, he replied that he would rather work for 10 Nazis than one American. The colonel was about to give him the works when he noticed a smile, so asked why that was so. The Norman quietly replied, “You see, I am the town gravedigger.”

100 Years Ago, November 27, 1919

If the young people of Preston will notice the increasing mention made of Spanish in all the cosmopolitan papers and magazines, they will see what they should see about the promise of the future to those who become acquainted with the Spanish language. . . Spanish may be acquired in six months by concentrated work. Long winter evenings are here. Why not use them with profit? Mexico will soon be open. Why not be ready to enter?

Since the armistice was signed the copper, lead and zinc industry of the west has suffered due to unsettled world conditions while many less basic industries have prospered. The day is coming, however when the western metal industry will again hit its stride for world demand for these metals will be greater than ever, due to the requirements of the mechanical age which we are just entering. The automobile, the tractor, the flying machine, the gas burning marine engines and the electrification of industry and railroads, is going to call for quantities of these metals never before dreamed of.

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