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Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, October 11, 1995

The Festival of Lights in Preston will be brighter than ever, with the addition of 55 stars lining State Street. The five–foot stars, constructed by Lyman Merrill, each contain 100 individual lights.

Traveling to Downey, Lava Hot Springs and Pocatello, will be much easier now. The bridge at Red Rock Overpass is open today.

Leo Geddes, a Preston businessman, started rebuilding a 75-year-old cabin in the backyard of his home early last year and the 17 month project can be described as a labor of love. “It has taken more work and sweat and time than I ever imagined,” said Leo.

Every Halloween we hear about pranks pulled by trick-or-treaters and often the saying “what are kids coming to these days” has been heard. We asked some of those grown up youngsters what they did for fun on Halloween. Responses: We used to push over out-houses. I remember making noisy things out of wooden spools and scaring people when they came to the door; We used to go in groups and have to sing for our treats. The more we sang the more treats we got; I loved to dress up and crash other people’s parties.

When Clair and Allie Hansen learned that an original Oregon-Shortline train was to be restored and housed in a museum in West Yellowstone, they knew they had something of value to lend to the display: a 90-year-old photograph of the Old Faithful Inn. The Inn had just been completed when the photograph was taken, the photographer traveling to the site on the Shortline railroad.

50 Years Ago, October 15, 1970

The unique snowmobile compact ‘71 Ski-Doo Elan introduced by Bombardier, Ltd., will be on display at Steadman Implement. “The Elan is not a kiddie machine pointed out Bob Steadman. “It is designed for the same rugged family action as full-size machines.”

It used to be just fast and easy. Now direct dialing saves you money – as much as $1.95 on a call out-of-state compared to a person-to-person call. Even more on some calls. Dial direct and save. It’s the cheapest way. – Mountain Bell

Rulon Dunn was awarded a Hole-In-One trophy. It is the second hole-in-one that he has made at the Preston Golf Course.

The Bear River Tri-State Negotiating committee is scheduled to discuss water storage above Bear Lake. The committee, composed of representatives of Idaho, Wyoming and Utah, met last month to continue discussions on allocating the unconsumed flow of the Bear River.

The Preston merchants will stage a big “Harvest of Values” on Oct. 30 with contests being staged by many stores to find the biggest of anything grown locally.

There will be contests for the biggest squash, biggest carrot, biggest potato, biggest apple, the biggest anything. Prizes range from $5 to $1. The grade schools will display their Halloween art, including decorated pumpkins and paintings. There will be specials for shoppers.

75 Years Ago, October 18, 1945

Pfc Ivans Barrington, Riverdale soldier, traced the course of his action from the time he left New York City to participate in the last phases of the European war until his assignment to the division of troops supervising the War Crimes Trials at Nuremberg, Germany.

With the return of students from the fields to the classroom at the close of the harvest vacation, the Jefferson cafeteria will be prepared to serve tasty and nutritious lunches at noon.

Three juveniles are being held by the Franklin county officers following the theft of an automobile from the streets of Preston. The car and its occupants were picked up at Logan after the surrounding towns had been notified to be on the watch for the car.

Again and for the third time within the last several years a native son of this locality has been chosen as a member of the quorum of Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The first to be called to this high position in the church was Harold B. Lee formerly of Clifton, while Ezra T. Benson formerly of Whitney, was sustained to a similar position only last year. Sunday it was Mathew Cowley, son of the late Mathias F. and Abby Hyde Cowley, who was sustained to a position in the quorum.

Directors were considering the slogan to be used for their new line of toilet soaps and perfumes. A competition had been organized and the pile of entrees lay on the table. The managing director solemnly extracted one from the pile, peered at it, grumbled and read: “If you don’t use our soap, for goodness sake use our perfume.”

100 Years Ago, October 14, 1920

A large number of the representative people, who are taxpayers of Franklin County are now asking the question: “Shall we not now elect county commissioners who will pledge themselves to see that a county hospital is built at once?” Think this matter over carefully and let the people of Franklin County have an expression from you. The need of a hospital at the present time is quite necessary and needs but very little argument to convince the most skeptical.

Nobody tells the truth all the time but your batting average ought to be around .750 at least.

At last we have succeeded in forcing some of Preston’s high priced grocers to reduce some of their prices. Our competitors sell cheap only when we force them to do so. You can depend on our store being a good, safe place to trade everyday in the year. – Skaggs’ — Idaho, Utah, Wyo.

The excellent work which the Twin Lakes Canal Company is doing in the matter of water conservation should be an incentive for other canal companies to follow.

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