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Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, November 15, 1995

A juvenile curfew ordinance is being drafted by Franklin County that could allow law enforcement personnel to cite parents for violations.

Police discovered a huge local drug lab. One person has been charged, Floyd Jeffery Hopkins, 47, and up to a dozen others are under investigation. Conviction of the charge, for the quantities of methamphetamine seized, could carry a minimum mandatory 10 years in the state penitentiary and a $25,000 fine. The bust yielded between eight and nine gallons of methamphetamine oil and followed the arrest of Hopkins. Utah is seeking extradition to charge Hopkins for first degree felony.

The Preston Elks Lodge held a benefit dance for Randy Reid, with Dick Nourse, newscaster and anchorman from KSL TV Channel 5, as a guest. Randy is the son of Darren and Ann Reid. He has battled cancer for the last five years.

A West Side sophomore placed first in the national creed speaking contest at the 68th National FFA Convention. Angie Naylor, 15, represented the state of Idaho at the convention in Kansas City, MO. Drawing more than 35,000 FFA members and guests, this is the world’s largest annual youth convention.

After several years of struggling with the idea, The Preston Citizen is changing its policy and will charge for obituaries and wedding announcements. The change comes at the heels in increased costs to produce newspapers and increased interest of patrons to write lengthy obituaries.

50 Years Ago, November 19, 1970

One cow was killed and another injured last week when gates of a Thatcher farm were left open by hunters, allowing cows to wander out onto the highway. The injured cow was shot. Sheriff Arlando Larsen said that there have been many complaints about gates being left open, wires being cut and crop lands being run over by vehicles. Hunters should get permission to hunt and stay off crop lands with vehicles.

County commissioners appealed to residents to clear their property of old useless automobiles. Arrangements have been made to have a “smasher” set up at the Jewel Shields place in Franklin. Junkers will be smashed and hauled off.

A mental health service has been set up for Southeast Idaho with committees in each county working with the general office in Pocatello. The purpose of the health center is to help people with problems of living and mental illness. Among the diversified services are marriage counseling, family counseling, working with adults and juveniles brought before the courts and help for those with drinking problems or drugs.

75 Years Ago, November 22, 1945

An interesting summary on the dollars and cents value of student labor during harvest vacation has been made at Jefferson School. A total of some $4,622 is shown in the earning of seventh and eighth grade students during the time school was recessed for harvesting.

Franklin County, probably honored more than any other county in the entire United States, will pay fitting tribute to the valor of one of our young men, the second such occasion in this war. In accordance with the wishes of the parents, the Chamber of Commerce is arranging for the second presentation of the Congressional Medal of Honor which is being awarded posthumously for the deed of heroism performed by Pfc. Leonard Brostrom on Oct. 28, in the Philippines in 1944 in knocking out a Jap pill-box single handed.

Prepare to enjoy yourselves at that annual Sugar Tramps’ Ball held this year at the Persiana ballroom.

Expert Radio Repair — and we mean it is genuinely expert -Tried and Tested long before coming to Preston while serving in the armed forces. He served you while at war, now let him serve you at home. After three and a half years’ service overseas in the US Army Air Corps, Leon Hill is more than able to service your radio. Under combat conditions men HAD TO BE GOOD to get the job done. Now ... this same caliber of mechanic is available to folks back home. If your radio needs repairing, adjusting, or any kind of work on it, bring it to Hill’s Radio Shop.

100 Years Ago, November 18, 1920

Last week a mistake was made in the weight of the casket containing the body of Wm. C. Wanner. The weight should have been 640 pounds instead of 140.

How do you spend your dollars? It is impossible to judge a bargain by the price you pay, but to the price you must add the service the article gives. Buying good goods means buying less often, and as a result a large saving — Luthy’s

Mrs. Anna Barnes is opening up a new Home Bakery. Mrs. Barnes is well known for making fine pastry, bread, cakes, meat pies, etc. In addition she will keep on hand cold boiled ham, veal and beef, in fact everything that will appeal to the popular taste. Knowing her ability as a cook we think she will receive a good portion of trade.

At the baseball meeting planning for next year, it was disclosed that the Cache Valley league fared rather bad financially and that in several of the towns, a damper has been put on the game because of the great expense entailed. There was a general sentiment in favor or reorganizing the league despite the fact that at least two of the clubs will not be able to maintain a club. Wellsville and Preston will not come in very strong. The thing that is worrying the local ball magnates just now however, is how to get the present bills paid.

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