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Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, January 10, 1996

A piece of property adjacent to county-owned land and south of the newly refurbished extension building was purchased by Franklin County Commissioners for a possible location for a future fire station.

Community education program winter classes are about to begin. Director Theodora Petterborg said new courses include a pasta and sauce cooking class, women’s self defense, helpful hints for the first time home buyer, sewing a prom dress, computer maintenance, and fitness for life. Oil painting is offered again this semester.

George and Naretta Reeder, Treasureton, were presented with the title of Outstanding Goodyear Cooperator of 1995 by the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District in cooperation with Goodyear Co. They were recognized for their work to develop forage for livestock, livestock water development and windbreaks and other conservative practices on their 2,000 plus acre ranch.

There has been an increase in vandalism and petty theft committed by youth under the age of 18. Names of these offenders are not given out to the press. We asked readers if they felt the names should remain private or if they should be made public. Responses: It’s essential to keep them private for the safety of the kids. It gives them a chance to reform; I think they should be made public. If it embarrasses parents enough they will discipline. It also makes the public aware of trouble makers; It all depends on what the crime is. The punishment so far isn’t strong enough now because parents bail them out.

50 Years Ago, January 14, 1971

Michael B. Krantz was named manager of First Security Bank in Preston. Mr. Krantz succeeds Ted Steers who has announced his resignation. Krantz has been serving as assistant manager of First Security’s Blackfoot office.

Scott Beckstead, son of Mr. and Mrs. Linden Beckstead, sits astride his new snowmobile which he won during the Preston-Marsh Valley game. The Preston Booster Club staged the contest. Proceeds beyond expenses will be turned over to the O. R. Cutler field lighting fund.

"Who doesn’t like Mrs. Nixon? The President’s personal popularity goes up and down with the vagaries of wars, diplomacy and the stock market. But our First Lady acts like a First Lady should. Pat Nixon, leaving a school for retarded children, said wistfully, “I wish I could stay and play.” - Paul Harvey

Thedford J. Roper received a citation of commendation from the canners, growers, and university. It stated, “He has won the love and respect of his associates in the Canning Crops Association and the Rocky Mountain Canners Association by his ability to make decisions of mutual benefit to the farmers he represents and the companies through which the crops are processed and marketed. He has always expressed the courage of his convictions.”

75 Years Ago, January 17, 1946

Chief of Police Bill Head warns motorists who park on the business streets of Preston to observe the parking lanes and restrictions more closely. Many car owners totally ignore the yellow parking lines which are specifically painted on the street curbing zones in order to facilitate parking and enable more cars to use the business section for parking purposes.

Chris Gregerson of Preston suffered the loss of an arm through an accident that occurred near Tooele, UT. Gregerson and Lynn Oliverson of Franklin were employed on a rock crusher near Tooele. Mr. Gregerson became caught while he was dressing the belt and was being dragged into the crusher when Mr. Oliverson managed to pull him free.

“One of these parachutes I’ve packed is going to be jumped one day,” says Miss Mary E. McKay of Weston. She is the only licensed woman parachute packer in Utah. Pilot chutes, bias cut chutes, straight cut chutes - all are familiar terms to her. She started packing chutes at Hill Field in June, 1942, and later became manager of a parachutes service of Salt Lake which she eventually took over under her own name.

Woman may be physically weaker than man, but she can put a cap on a fruit jar so tight he can’t take it off.

Plans for the actual construction of a five acre, 22 home addition to Preston’s residential district were formerly announced by the J. N. Larsen Real Estate company. The program when completed, depending upon the availability of materials, will aggregate nearly $155,000 in residential living quarters.

100 Years Ago, January, 1921

The party given by the Preston Commercial Club was a success from every angle. Many members of the club were in attendance. The dancing was of a high order and it was a real socially enjoyable evening. During the process of the festivities refreshments were served, which one and all voted excellent.

Back of courtesy stands strength. Financial soundness is what counts most in banking. Safety, Solidity, Stability – these are three important elements of banking service. That is why we emphasize so insistently the financial strength of THE FEDERAL STATE BANK. In this strength lies your complete security as a customer. Back of our neighborly courtesy lies financial stability. – N. D. Salisbury, Cashier

Wanted: CLERKS. (men, women) over 17, for Postal Mail Service, $125 month. Experience unnecessary. For particulars of examination, write J. Leonard (former Civil Service Examiner), Washington, D. C.

The second lyceum number to be here is the Martino Trio, composed of Josephina Martino, Podelsky, violinist; and a pianist of note. Caruso, the great tenor who has heard her sing, speaks very highly of her work, predicting she is the coming soprano of America.


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