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Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, January 24, 1996

The Preston School District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to present a new program to the public for building a new school. The new middle school would alleviate growing pains and allow the district to return the elementary grades to a traditional schedule.

F. Lee Hendrickson, a maintenance foreman in Preston and 31 year Idaho Transportation Department employee, has been named the 1995 Highway Users Federation Maintenance Person of the Year. Hendrickson was selected from more than 600 transportation department maintenance employees located throughout the state. “The quality of his work really sets Lee apart. We noted excellence in all areas of responsibility ...”

Brady Godfrey, a graduate of Preston High School and former member of the school’s golf team, was recently named as the head golf pro at Harbor Hills Country Club in Lady Lake, FL, near Orlando.

Why the big to-do about a balanced budget when our budget has been out of balance for 30 years? Because governments, like people, can go broke. And when governments go broke, it starts printing more and more money that is worth less and less – until eventually money is worthless. . . .Connecticut reduced welfare payments by more than $100 million to encourage welfare recipients to accept jobs. Thirty percent are now employed. We can afford good government. It is bad, wasteful, corrupt and extravagant government that we cannot afford. – Paul Harvey

The snow shortage is a thing of the past. We’ve been getting it pretty steadily for several days. The highway snowplows have been keeping late and early hours.

50 Years Ago, January 28, 1971

Samuel L. Smith, local snowmobile racing enthusiast, is proving to be a tough competitor in the racing circuit of snowmobiles. He showed snowmobile track to many of the best drivers in Western States Class A snowmobile races the past week. He entered a sanctioned 100 mile race at Soda Springs as a team, along with Ronald Palmer and Theo Smith. Racing against 140 machines, Sam entered the 50 lap speed oval against Utah’s best at Ogden later and placed fourth. In another, the 440 cc Class, he placed third against some of the nation’s best snowmobile pilots. He is a member of the East Side Snow Throwers Snowmobile club.

Preston has had more accidents, traffic citations and drunk driving so far in the month of January than the city has had in any two months in past years.

Wayne Anderson, Preston, got one of his white Samoyed dogs ready for the Third Annual dog sled races which are held at the Preston Golf Course. The races are sponsored by the Kanganark Mushers Dog Sledding Club of Preston.

A snowmobile was demolished and a car damaged in an accident in Cub River and a 12-year-old boy ended up in the hospital. The accident brought another warning from the Franklin County Sheriff’s office about illegal use of snowmobiles. Injured in the accident was Ronald H. Bowman, son of Mr. and Mrs. LaVon Bowman of Mapleton. The accident occurred near the Mapleton LDS chapel, 9.8 miles southeast of Preston.

75 Years Ago, January 31, 1946

Many hundreds of persons in Franklin county are either going without butter or, in the case of farmers, have started to churn and make their own butter as the supply of the item in local food stores continues on the scarcest level in years.

Russell Crockett’s service station was relieved of $169 in cash by thieves who left little trace of their activities, according to Chief of Police Bill Head. There were no outside doors or windows jimmied or broken to permit entrance and it is believed that the culprits either had a pass key or had hid inside before the station had been locked for the day.

Phil West, local airport pilot and Preston businessman, predicted a great future for the Preston city airport and development of air traffic in the era ahead. He pointed out many advantages of air travel not only to distant points, but to close-by business destinations.

Campbell’s Market — Grapefruit, pink meat, sweet as sugar — 6 for $.47; Oranges, full 0’ juice, rich in vitamins — $.08/lb.; Limes, puts snap in any drink, 6 for $.27.

100 Years Ago, January, 1921

Our own Leslie Davis is due to wrestle one of the top notchers in the Preston Opera House. The man whom Davis will go against is Chas. H. Mason of Illinois, who recently won from Ira Dern. This match promises to be a good one. Leslie Davis is now in excellent condition, and should make the Illinois man go some. Fans of these parts would like to see the local boy continue to climb, and we are sure that he will make the match a most enjoyable and exciting one for the patrons.

Can guessing win? Between the prices paid to the producer and by the consumer a fair price for food – that is through careful Farm Cost Accounting. The Farm Bureaus are instituting a national campaign to hurry the Government investigation of the cost of actual food production and distribution. Once the whole problem has been carefully and publicly sifted, it will be possible to put prices on a basis of justice to both producer and consumer and to eliminate the unreasonable unearned profits that are made “in the dark.” – The Country Gentleman

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