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Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years. Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, June 12, 1996

Misty Esplin was crowned Miss Idaho last Saturday night in Boise. She was not only crowned as queen, but was named winner of the Bert Parks Spirit Award, a former Miss Congeniality award. She also tied for the Judges Interview Award with the second attendant, Rochelle Trammel.

After years of attempting to find a tenant for Preston’s Industrial Park, city officials gave the green light to the first business that plans to locate there. Nature’s Design Log Homes and Furniture, currently located in Logan, plans to lease two acres of ground from the city and will build custom homes at the park.

Wendell Smith’s fourth book just rolled off the press. “People Stories – 1900-1996” is a collection of stories about Wendell and friends he’s made throughout his lifetime – one that spans across the eras of “hay burners of 1900 to the fuel burners of 1996.”

With the installation of the new scales at the Franklin County Grain Growers, the company that installed it is now tearing out the old scale. Jack-hammering the cement was the first step, followed by pulling out iron beams underneath. The area has now been filled in and asphalted.

Three thousand dollars worth of items stolen at the end of April from Hull Valley Scout Camp were recovered recently by the Franklin County Sheriff’s department. Climbing gear, dutch ovens, clothing, ropes, craft items, tools, and other miscellaneous items were stashed in a granary. Sheriff’s deputies were led to them and the teenage suspects will be petitioned to court, said Sheriff Don Beckstead.

50 Years Ago, June 17, 1971

A health department, with a full time sanitarian and public health nurse, along with a stenographer, will be set up in Franklin County within a month. Named as sanitarian for the district was Stephen E. Bastian who grew up in Weston. He will be moving to the county from Idaho Falls.

Franklin county’s 1971 Grassman of the Year operates a dairy farm near the Idaho-Utah border along the Bear River with a total of 218 acres, of which 148 is irrigated pasture. The grassman, Leonard J. Christensen, purchased 190 acres in 1959, 50 cultivated and 140 pasture, with 18 cows, five heifers, four calves and a few hogs. There was an older home and a milking barn on the place. The equipment was in poor condition, hay was being harvested by hand, and milk production was less than 300 pounds a day. There has been a lot of changes made. Christensen, along with his family, now have a dairy herd of 85 Holstein cows, and 130 Holstein heifers and steers. Irrigation has been improved, land leveled.

Everyone is invited to an open house at Preston’s newest, finest building. Come behind the scenes and see modern banking machines in action. One machine automatically counts, sorts and stacks coins simultaneously. Another magnifies tiny microfilmed documents to almost full size and makes high quality reproductions. Yet another machine proofs, sorts, and adds checks simultaneously – 20 different ways. See a counterfeit currency display and test your skill at detecting counterfeit money! — First Security Bank.

75 Years Ago, June 20, 1946

Sam Merrill, 27, local instructor at the municipal airport who was injured when his plane struck a static cable above a high tension power line near Smithfield, spent a good day yesterday at the Logan hospital. ...Sam was engaged in crop dusting near the High Creek Canyon when the new Piper Cub he was piloting struck the static cable. The plane did a complete somersault, falling on its back into the trees in the canyon.

Young men who attain the age of 18 are still required to register at the office of Selective Service, according to Doris K. Carter, clerk of the local office. These men should register on the day of their 18th birthday.

Butter scarcity has made it increasingly difficult for the politicians to tell which side their bread is buttered on.

Two hundred and fifty Miller Multiple Coin parking meters will be operating on the streets of Preston by the forepart of next week as one means of regulating and controlling parking on the city’s streets. The meter posts have been installed the past week and the mechanisms will be ready for service as soon as the parking strips have been painted on the road paving and the curbing for more clear and distinct marking.

100 Years Ago, June 15, 1921

Chautauqua, which has become the big event of the year in our little city, opens in the large brown tent which has been pitched on the Academy lot in the shade of the trees.

For Sale — A first class piano, or will trade for good used Ford.

Let’s get acquainted! You appreciate old acquaintances more than new ones, don’t you? We want you to become so well acquainted with us and with our superior baking, and our superior pies and cakes that you will regard us as your real friends – Which We Most Certainly Are. We and our stock are at your service, ready to give you the best values in town. We are now equipped to serve you with first class lunches and regular meals. Buy our Home Bakery Bread, none better made anywhere. … Try us now. – Mrs. Annie Barnes, Bakery and Confectionery, South Main street.

Government agencies and national organizations are announcing the 1921 Good Roads and Highway Transport Essay Contest which is open to all pupils of high school grades. The national prize is a four year scholarship in the university or college chosen by the successful contestant, the scholarship being offered by Harvey S. Firestone, tire manufacturer of Akron, OH, and is valued at $4,000, sufficient to pay tuition and all expenses at school.

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