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Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years. Taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, June 5, 1996

Franklin County voters approved the 911 emergency telephone system by a 65 percent margin, but it could be up to 21 months before it is installed.

An addition to the Worm Creek Opera House will be part of the renovation that will be completed the first part of August. The addition will be just a shell to start with so there will be storage for props and scenery. As funds become available there will be a restroom, makeup area, dressing rooms, a costume shop, and set and prop storage.

Kelly Bennett, 12 year-old son of Mike and Cindy Bennett, knows his lizards – geckos, that is. His favorites are Geek – the gecko, Zeus and Isis, the gecko couple, and Bubba and Barney – the baby geckos. About a year ago his pet lizard died, so his grandma took him to the pet store. Kelly was looking for something new to replace that lizard and well, he had saved $50 from working for Grandma, so why not? Geek came home with him.

Cindy Shumway was the first place winner for her earthquake-proof tower made of toothpicks during a science project contest. Cindy used the least amount of toothpicks which withstood the shaking machine stimulating an earthquake, for 30 seconds.

Tyler Kendall, son of Benny and Marsha Kendall, Clifton, won the district VFW sponsored Hero essay contest. He wrote his essay on Abraham Lincoln. “Abraham Lincoln cared about other people. He was a honest man, he was courageous. He worked hard.”

50 Years Ago, June 10, 1971

The Eastside school board approved a first through fifth grade arrangement for the new district elementary school. The school will be divided into five “pods” with three open areas in each pod. Each pod will accommodate about 240 students.

Blair Henderson, guidance counselor in the Eastside school district was awarded his doctorate in education recently at the University of Idaho in Moscow.

There is increasing interest in Franklin County these days in the over-65 segment of its population. They are, collectively, a more important element in the local economy than ever before. Proportionately, they have been expanding at a more rapid rate in the last 10 years than most other age groups.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Diderickson became the owners of Greaves Style Shop, buying out Harley Greaves, who has probably operated a business in Preston longer than any other present businessman. Mrs. Diderickson will manage the store. They also own Preston Lumber Company.

Lucy Bingham Beutler of Dayton has been named valedictorian of the College of Family Life at Utah State University.

Typical of the dairy set-up in the area is the Talbot Brothers in Winder. A modern milking parlor along with stall housing for cows has been constructed on the dairy farm. June is Dairy Month in Cache Valley. United States was 16th in milk consumption in the world for the year 1969. Per capita consumption of dairy products in the U.S. which has a population of 208,184,772 was 568 pounds.

75 Years Ago, June 13. 1946

Nearly 1,600 votes were cast in the primary election held in Franklin County with 1,100 of these being voted in the Republican primary and the balance in the Democratic race for party nominations. Geddes, Condie, Davis, and Merrill won the local GOP contests; Neeley and Olsen were the top Democrats.

Lumber will be available for the construction of 800 new bleacher seats at the Preston Night Rodeo. Work is progressing rapidly on the new locale of the rodeo plant which is being located at the western end of the rodeo grounds. New corrals and chutes have been built and installed in their permanent site.

Following an altercation in the Persiana last Saturday night, two participants were awaiting hearing before Justice of Peace Roy Greaves this week and another had forfeited bond. The fracas started when two brothers engaged in a fisticuff on the dance floor and Officer Jimmie Bedingfield tried to stop the affair. Another entered into the melee and assaulted the officer, who eventually found it necessary to use his billie club on the third man. He ended up going to the city jail after he resisted arrest on the street.

Now, Everybody can have a cedar closet with Trimz – ready-pasted Cedar closet wallpaper. Just dip in water and hang. It’s made from genuine cedar wood: looks and smells like cedar. Come in – see this intriguing new idea in wallpaper, $1.98 a box. – Carlson Furniture

100 Years Ago, June 8, 1921

Forest Ranger, Leroy Lindsay, and E. W. Swann, who is going to herd the stock in the Franklin County Association this season, will be at the following points, to count the permitted stock as they enter the Forest: Sugar Creek, May 2; Cub River, May 3; Worm Creek, May 4.

Ray Miller just returned from the coast with a carload of honey-bees, totaling 704 hives in all, which he expects to distribute, or plant, or whatever they do with bees, to his many bee farms in this section.

The Nebeker Candy Kitchen has been sold to Mrs. Annie Barnes, the enterprising lady who has been working hard to establish a bakery business in the city. A new electric baker has been installed which bakes 30 large loaves or 50 small ones, at a time.

Hail! Hail! Spring will come! Spring came, it hailed and hailed. Protect your crop with hail insurance. – N. D. Salisbury at Federal State Bank

SUGAR, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, $7.70 for 100 pounds. Regular price is $8.35. Save money by buying at Skaggs’. Our methods of economy are unknown to the average grocer. His costs of doing business in most cases is more than twice as much as our gross profits.

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