Quick highlights from the journalist history of Franklin County over the past 100 years taken from the newspaper archives of the Franklin County Citizen and Preston Citizen.

25 Years Ago, January 4, 1995

The county’s first baby of 1995 wasn’t just following suit. The only other girl of this family of nine, was the first baby of the year in Western Wyoming in 1983. Teauna Ranae Jorgensen was born to Russell and Susan Jorgensen of Riverdale at 10 a.m., Jan. 1, in the Franklin County Medical Center.

Ice fishermen took advantage of a cold New Year’s Day to fish on the completely frozen Oneida Narrows. Ice was 18 inches deep. Fishermen were out in force with nearly every body of water in the county crusted with a thick layer of ice.

Marcus Fielding Hart and Rex Plowman, both prominent men of the area, died last weekend. Hart, 90, passed away in the Franklin County Nursing Home Dec 30. Plowman also died Dec. 30, at age 71.

Claude Smith, Preston High School graduate, was selected as a recipient of the inaugural National Outstanding Caregiver Award of Merit. He is the son of Joyce Smith and the late Robert O. Smith. He was nominated for the honor by the University Medical Center, a Las Vegas-based non-profit organization.

Jeffrey Lynn Sessions is no stranger to this area. Although he is a coach and teacher at Preston High, 15 years ago he was a student there. He has always been content with being in Preston. He was raised here, dated his future wife in high school and dreamed of being a coach in Preston some day. This year Sessions is head coach of the girls basketball team.

Retiring Franklin County Clerk, LaRae Johnson has seen her office adjust itself to the jet age during her 24 years in the courthouse. She said, ”the county computer system along with its printer and copy machines, have dramatically reduced the amount of paper shuffling that used to go on.” Also leaving office is Jeff Olson who said, “Shortly after I was elected as a commissioner in 1988, I heard someone say, ‘The world is run by those who show up.’ I adopted this as my theme and have stuck to it.”

50 Years Ago, January 8, 1970

Kory LaVon Petterborg became the first baby of 1970, born Jan 2 at 6:58 in the Franklin County General Memorial Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Petterborg.

Preston now has two ice skating ponds. The ice skating pond near Central school is now being used and a new pond has been opened on the North East softball diamond in the city recreation park. It is recommended that smaller children use the pond by the Central and older skaters use the pond in the recreation park.

The Westside snowmobilers have formed a club ... the “Westside Drift Riders.” Their first ride will be on Eight Mile Road. There will be a minimum of three outings a month. There are 32 registered members now with more expected to join.

Mayor Orvid Cutler proclaimed January as Alien Address Report Month and asked all citizens of Preston to aid aliens in reporting. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 requires all aliens to report during January of each year. Aliens can report to the nearest Post Office or Immigration and Naturalization Service office during the month.

Central Market — Discount Prices — — Fruit Cocktail , 4 cans $.89; Swan Down Cake mix, 4 for $1; Powdered or Brown Sugar, 4 pkgs. $.75; Navel Oranges, Case $2.98

75 Years Ago, January 11, 1945

Nine casualties reported for this area. One Oxford youth has been reported killed in action and the list of missing and wounded continue to mount as other families receive word from the battle fronts. This week’s casualties show two airmen missing, two soldiers back in service after having been reported missing and three wounded men.

The car owners of America now face the most serious shortage of tires since the war began. Today, more than ever before, it is essential to take the best possible care of the tires that are now on your car. No one knows when you will be able to get new ones. A year ago, the outlook for civilian tires was much better than it is today.

Girls wanted to candle eggs, Pleasant working conditions, Best pay in county, steady work. Apply immediately — Utah Poultry Producers, phone 88 in Preston.

Irvin S. Cobb said: “If it ever becomes my misfortune to go insane, I want to go live in Washington (DC) where I will not be noticed.”

The state pre-induction quota for January has been increased nearly 20 per cent by order of the National Selective Service and the Idaho quota is now the highest in the history with 2,500 men to report for physical examinations.

100 Years Ago, January 8, 1920

Already application has been made for the railroad spurs to get in their machinery as well as sidetracks for the sugar factory and the preliminary building will be erected immediately. One thing has been made plain to us, and that is, no buildings will be erected near the factory such as bunk houses, hotels, etc., because they have faith in the people of Preston, the hotel keepers, restaurant men and stores that workmen will not be held up to exorbitant prices.

Leslie Davis, the splendid little mat artist, born in this city is working up in the wrestling game, and is now training with some of the big ones in Junction City. He writes a letter to the Franklin County Citizen: “I am now in first class condition and am ready to meet anyone at 158 pounds ring side, Henry Jones preferred. I appreciate the support I have been given in Preston in the wrestling game. I want another chance to show Preston fans that I can wrestle.”

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