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The cities of Weston, Dayton, Clifton, and Oxford have all received grants to install fiber optics for residents.

The cities, Direct Communications, and Idaho’s Department of Commerce have teamed up to develop a strategically planned project that would fit each community’s needs.

Thanks to the combined efforts, plans are currently being implemented to bring fiber-optic internet to every home in each town's designated area.

Installation to every home has been paid for by the grant. This does NOT mean residents have to subscribe to a service. It only means that they will have quick access to hook up to fiber service, should they decide to subscribe in the future.

To take advantage of this free installation while crews are in the area, residents must grant permission to install fiber on their property. Residents can do this by filling out a Property Access Form on Direct's website under the RESIDENTIAL tab at or by clicking this link

To sign for fiber internet service or to ask questions or share, concerns call Direct Communications at 208-548-2345.

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