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Preston and West Side both competed at the Sky View Invitational and Preston’s JV meet last week. In team scores the Preston boys won the Sky View meet with 174 points. Sky View took second with 116, Box Elder third at 113.5 and West Side fourth with 98 points out of 10 teams.

The Preston girls placed second overall with 102.33 behind Box Elder at 175.83. Green Canyon took third at 92, Mountain Crest fourth with 82 and West Side seventh with 61 points.

The Pirate team looks forward to the Wendell Dairyman Invite on Thursday, April 29, and the Cardinal Invite in Soda Springs on Friday, April 30. Similarly, Preston prepares for the Tiger/Grizz Invitational on Friday April 30-May 1.

At Sky View both schools competed well earning places on the podium in multiple events (see results below)

At the JV meet only Preston and West Side attended. Mostly JV athletes competed but in a few instances, such as the sprints, some of the top talent in the county went head to head. There, Bryler Shurtliff reigned supreme beating Cole Harris in both the 100 and 200 meter runs. Owen Nielsen out-jumped Jaden Perkins in the pole vault. On the girls side, Mickayla Robertson took both the 100 and 300 meter hurdles and Chakobi Lewis narrowly bested Kynlee Beckstead in pole vault.

Boys top results

100 Meters

4th Bryler Shurtliff 11.51 (.5)PR West Side

10th Brayker Smith 11.89 (.5)PR Preston

200 Meters

1st Bryler Shurtliff 22.95a (-.5)PR West Side

8th Cole Harris 23.75a (-.5)PR Preston

9th Brayker Smith 23.76a (-1.3)PR Preston

16th Brentan Noreen 25.03a (-1.3) West Side

400 Meters

1st Cole Harris 50.89aPR Preston

5th Josh Reeder 51.79aPR West Side

13th Brentan Noreen 54.87aPR West Side

16th Tristan Lyon 55.32a Preston

800 Meters

2nd Dawson Leffler 2:02.37aPR Preston

6th Parker Moser 2:07.90aPR West Side

1600 Meters

3rd Garrett Hale 4:37.00a Preston

4th Dawson Leffler 4:41.73aPR Preston

5th Luke Visser 4:43.28aPR Preston

6th Edison Leffler 4:48.28a Preston

9th Gage Cordner 4:53.08aPR Preston

18th Bradyn Noreen 5:07.27a West Side

19th Samuel Beutler 5:12.68aPR West Side

3200 Meters

1st Edison Leffler 9:46.00aPR Preston

2nd Garrett Hale 9:59.00aPR Preston

4th Sam Jeppsen 10:05.11a Preston

7th Reynger Davidsavor 10:27.00a Preston

8th Luke Visser 10:28.00a Preston

11th Gage Cordner 10:35.00a Preston

14th Bradyn Noreen 10:51.00a West Side

110m Hurdles — 39”

2nd Brecker Knapp 15.98a (.0)PR Preston

3rd Easton Henderson 16.43a (.0) West Side

8th Charles Iverson 17.22a (.0)SR Preston

17th John Anderson 18.61a (.8)SR Preston

20th Brennon Winward 19.33a (.8)PR West Side

300m Hurdles — 36”

2nd Brecker Knapp 41.75aPR Preston

3rd Easton Henderson 42.13aPR West Side

10th Jaxon England 43.94aPR West Side

12th Charles Iverson 44.31a Preston

4x100 Relay

5th West Side Relay Team 47.01a

9th Preston Relay Team 49.31a

4x200 Relay

2nd Preston Relay Team 1:34.42a

6th West Side Relay Team 1:37.86a

4x400 Relay

1st Preston Relay Team 3:32.34a

2nd West Side Relay Team 3:33.19a

SMR 200-200-400-800m

2nd Preston Relay Team 3:52.31a

6th West Side Relay Team 4:13.76a

Shot Put — 12lb

3rd Andrew Olinger 42-10.00 West Side

6th Rhett Larsen 40-09.50 Preston

12th Charles Iverson 35-00.00 Preston

13th Ayden Reynolds 34-11.50PR Preston

Discus — 1.6kg

1st Andrew Olinger 139-09PR West Side

5th Justis Crossley 118-08.50PR Preston

9th Jordan Rengifo 104-02PR Preston

10th Ayden Reynolds 103-01.50PR Preston

High Jump

1st Taite Priestley 6-08.00 Preston

4th Hayden Robinson 6-00.00PR West Side

5th Brayker Smith 6-00.00 Preston

Pole Vault

1st Benson Palmer 11-00.00 Preston

2nd Owen Nielsen 11-00.00PR West Side

3rd Kimble Rigby 11-00.00PR Preston

5th Ryan Parry 9-00.00 Preston

Long Jump

3rd Bryler Shurtliff 20-07.50PR West Side

6th Nick Nielson 20-01.50 Preston

10th Jeremy Higley 19-02.75 Preston

11th Jaxon England 19-02.00 West Side

Triple Jump

1st Hayden Robinson 40-00.00 West Side

2nd Russell Kunz 39-06.50PR Preston

3rd Paytton Alder 38-02.50 Preston

4th Logan Tracy 38-02.00PR Preston

Girls top results

200 Meters

4th Elly Jeppsen 27.50a (-1.7)PR Preston

9th Anna May 28.83a (-1.7) Preston

400 Meters

3rd Elly Jeppsen 1:00.84aPR Preston

4th Ashlyn Willis 1:02.37aPR West Side

13th Madalyn Barzee 1:05.71a West Side

800 Meters

1st Taylor Romney 2:21.08aPR Preston

6th Rachel Lee 2:31.17aPR Preston

15th Olivia Mickelson 2:41.15a Preston

27th Eliza Olson 2:51.01a West Side

1600 Meters

1st Angelie Scott 5:24.25aPR Preston

2nd Riley Ward 5:29.84aSR Preston

3rd Aubrie Barzee 5:35.55aPR West Side

4th Maren Leffler 5:35.82aPR Preston

6th Andie Bell 5:41.14a Preston

8th Ashlyn Willis 5:42.96aPR West Side

3200 Meters

3rd Angelie Scott 11:47.00aPR Preston

4th Aubrie Barzee 12:05.00aPR West Side

9th Andie Bell 12:11.00a Preston

10th Maren Leffler 12:20.00a Preston

100m Hurdles — 33”

8th Letti Phillips 18.08a (.9) West Side

8th Chloe Keller 18.08a (.9) West Side

18th Samantha Whiteley 18.78a (.0) Preston

300m Hurdles — 30”

9th Letti Phillips 49.92a West Side

14th Kylie Larsen 51.6aPR Preston

17th Marissa Clawson 52.91aPR West Side

4x100 Relay

8th West Side Relay Team 55.52a

9th Preston Relay Team 55.98a

4x200 Relay

2nd Preston Relay Team 1:49.67a

7th West Side Relay Team 1:57.05a

4x400 Relay

1st Preston Relay Team 4:12.30a

2nd West Side Relay Team 4:19.17a

4x800 Relay

3rd Preston Relay Team 10:56.02a

SMR 200-200-400-800m

3rd West Side Relay Team 5:13.35a

Shot Put — 4kg

15th Akazia Knapp 28-09.00 Preston

19th Rose Bradfield 27-09.00 Preston

30th Savannah Thompsen 22-00.00 West Side

31st Annie Springer 19-03.00PR Preston

Discus — 1kg

6th Olivia Tracy 94-03PR Preston

12th Rose Bradfield 81-05PR Preston

14th Akazia Knapp 79-04 Preston

High Jump

8th Samantha Whiteley 4-08.00PR Preston

20th Natalie Lemmon 4-04.00 West Side

Pole Vault

1st Chakobi Lewis 8-06.00 Preston

2nd Madalyn Barzee 8-00.00PR West Side

3rd Jocie Phillips 7-06.00 West Side

4th Ashley Lowe-Anderson 7-06.00 Preston

6th Kynlee Beckstead 7-06.00 West Side

6th Alaina Telford 7-06.00 West Side

8th Madison Wood 7-00.00 Preston

Long Jump

14th Olivia Tracy 14-01.25 Preston

23th Chloe Keller 13-09.25SR West Side

24th Sydnee Hatch 13-08.75 Preston

29th Natalie Lemmon 13-04.25 West Side

Triple Jump

5th Marissa Clawson 29-09.25PR West Side

6th Natalie Lemmon 28-01.25 West Side

7th Selyce Burnett 27-09.75 Preston

8th Abby Lindhardt 27-03.50 Preston

10th Sidney Streadbeck 26-05.50PR Preston

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