The Preston Indians hosted their first home game of the 2019 season against the Jerome Tigers and will travel to Canyon Ridge this Friday.

This being Preston’s second game of the season, the first quarter took only a few plays to warm up. Jerome recovered a fumbled snap and scored the following drive. The Indians turned around on defense and ended the quarter with a cover sack led by senior Zay Davis.

The Indians came out fighting for the second quarter. Ty Hyde completed a pass to Garrett Ward who ran the ball 28 yards. Andrew Iverson received the ball for another 14-yard gain followed by Cole Harris who caught a 14-yard-pass into the end zone for the Indians’ first touchdown of the game.

Back on defense, the Indians held the Tigers and gained possession after four short downs. Indian offense kept their forward momentum going with Iverson running up the middle and Hyde with a quarter-back keep. Scott Dunn made a field goal and brought the Indians ahead 10-7.

Jerome fumbled the ball with a tackle from Austin Ward then senior player, Austin Liberty instantly picked up the ball and ran to scoring distance for the Indians. Preston took the ball to the 5-yard line and Isaiah Smith ended the half with a score for the Indians.

“(We) took advantage this game,” said Coach Eric Thorson. “They were giving us the run, so we made sure we took the run. We love to throw the ball, but the run was there for us tonight and that’s how we had to work tonight.”

Indian defense continued to dominate the second half. Zay Davis and Brock Schenk paired up on a backfield stop. Junior player, Hunter Wright, intercepted the ball and ran it to the 27-yard line. Iverson followed up by running the ball in for another Indian touchdown. Dunn’s P.A.T. brought the final score 24-14, Preston.

The game ended with a high snap from Jerome, which Conner Shaffer scooped up giving the Indians pocession of the ball. Preston ended the game at the 5-yard line with the clock running out.

Preston’s freshman won 46-13 as well, and JV won 60-20 Thursday night.

“It was a good second game,” said Coach Thorson. “We got some more kinks out. We got some more players moved to where we feel like they need to be. It was good to see the power run game finish it off. It’s always fun when you can out condition another team.”

“We didn’t come out as hard at first as we wanted to, but we picked it up in the second quarter,” said Andrew Iverson. “These guys are always there for me. I can always find a hole because the line is always blocking for me.” Iverson averaged 6.3 yards per carry this game with a total of 134 yards and 21 carries.

“It was a great game overall, said Austin Liberty. “We started out slow but we really punched it in and stepped up. I love when we can make those good plays. It makes everyone excited and want to play our pumps off. It’s really great.”

Defense stats for Preston were led by Zay Davis with three solo tackles, two hurrying the quarter back and one sack. Isaiah Smith was close behind with two solo tackles, two tackles for losses, and a hurrying the quarterback. Scott Dunn had four solo tackles while Austin Liberty and Hunter Wright each had a fumble recovery.