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The Preston Junior High advanced choir, directed by Jill Durrant, presented a musical melodrama “Westward Whoa” on April 14-15, in the PJH cafeteria.

The hour long performance was well attended and the students had a lot of fun showing off their skills to friends and family.

The story about a notorious villain and outlaw “The Snake” (Sabrielle Chipman) who is unmasked as Smiling Slade Claggett, after trying to frame wagon master Chuck Wagon (Hazen Baird) for his crimes. Candy Cane (Lily Barton) helps Chuck prove his innocence after being rescued from outlaws Straight-Shooting Sam (Keaton Buckingham), Arizona Kid (Aidan Hansen) and Dallas (Ella Bingham).

Other cast members were Wild Jill Hiccup (Jyllian Christensen), Chuck’s sidekick. Juanita Fandango (Patience White) the famous entertainer, Judge Pettigrew (Candon Abrams), Lt. Ample Porridge (Abbi Gibs), Alibi Crabtree (Trevyn Atkinson), Cookie (Justine Begay), students Judy (Ashley Ventura) and Sally (Taylee Camphouse), Minerva Springwell (Emalee Spillett) Sue Flay (Ellie Nelson), Saloon girls Glazed Ham (Lacey Chatterton) and Virginia Ham (Emma Rasmussen), Letty (Rose Montgomery), Dusty Splinters (Keegan Spackman), Clementine Splinters (Mia Newman), Cactus Kate (Lexie Mills), Mother Rogers (Savannah Smith), Josiah Aimless (Trevyn Atkinson), Matilda Aimless (Justine Begay), Lullaby (Ashley Ventura) and Dulcy (Taylee Camphouse).

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