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An accident on Friday, April 23, abruptly ended our date night. About 9 p.m. on the way home from dinner and our weekly grocery shopping at Stokes Marketplace, our car was T-boned at the intersection of Highway 91 and State Street. We would like to express our sincere thanks for the quick response by the driver of the truck who swerved before the impact of hitting our car. He immediately called 911 and personally checked on us. We really appreciate his quick and caring response to help us.

We have heard how wonderful the emergency teams are in Franklin County, namely the police officers, the fire department, the ambulance service, and the EMT’s, through other’s experiences and newspaper articles, but we have never experienced their devoted service firsthand on a personal level.

We want to praise them for their expertise and training in handling a situation like ours. They were not only professional in their life skills, but calm, reassuring, loving, and kind, clearly communicating with us what they were going to do. In the dark, I heard my name spoken by a familiar voice through the open door. It was my friend’s daughter, who is an EMT, saying, "This is not a good way to say 'hi.'" We laughed. It gave me comfort to have her and the other team members there to help us. Because the car door on the passenger side, where I was sitting, could not be opened, and because my back hurt, I had to be put on a slant board and lifted over the middle console out the driver’s side of the car. It was done proficiently and pain-free. They took me to the hospital in the ambulance to check me out. I was grateful for that decision as it gave me peace of mind to make sure I was okay before going home.

The hospital staff from the doctor on call and the nurses were equally as ready to serve me in a caring way. I wish I could mention all of their names but don’t want to leave anyone out. I felt that I was in good hands which gave me peace. Also, the compassionate driver of the truck has called us several times to check on us, and helped us to get our insurance company notified.

A great big thank you to those mentioned above seems not enough for helping us with their training, skills, calmness, caring and love. Our date night ended differently than expected, but is memorable for bumping into people we now call our friends.

Charles and Thaya Gilmore


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